Xanny Man Lyrics


Xanny Man no you don't have any plans
Xanny Man no you don't have many friends
Xanny Man make the problems go away
Xanny Man got me sleepin' all day

[Verse 1]

One man army, you cannot test or scare me
Weed in my chest I'm all in, trip til de mornin
Equipped with a click full of zombies, one bak any informer
Money gettin longer, SHROOM DADDY what they call me
Fields of green like a farmer, doing what I wanna
Swear to God I never been normal,  my songs make me immortal
Higher than Marley young legend Chris Farley
Smelling like weed I ain't sorry, ain't at parties
Working til 5 in the morning I can barely feel my body
Always been a loner, look at me now all grown up
All of my bill paid up its gorgeous, levelin up swear to God I'm Morphing still got a brain full of corpses, cuz I'm bipolar
Prolly why I work to the morning, demons inside i control em
Me and my poems flows precious call me golum
Always live for the moment because moments last as long as you Want em, weed in the back gotta stop in a moment
I cud hook it up how bad do you want it
Hoes be like how fat is your wallet
Fatter than your ass eyes lower than your self of steem
Say you fell for that nigga butchu fell for me
I want a Grammy jus to put it on my shelf and see
Think I got the whole city raiding hell for me, you feel big but you Looking like an elf to me, there's light weight and there's heavy Weight and ain't none of those niggas can amount to me

Repeat x1


Xanny Man tryna find his way home
Xanny Man high from a day ago
Xanny Man might need a helping hand
Xanny man in a far away land
Always knew I would do it my way
Now these niggas lookin at me sideways
Been a long week come and take my hand
Finna take you on a trip to Xanny land

[Verse 2]

Get that fake ness, outta my face that weakness
Something you can improve on, don't like the vibe then move on
Free weed I got coupons, I'm going to buy a house that got 2 lawns, I'ma go buy a whip get my vroom on, yo Xanny man I need 2 more
You fit the mold you're a shoe horn every days my birthday I'm a new Born I'm a young God in his true form I see rappers that's food porn, Kept it real from the first day never cared about first place
Prolly why I'm in first place, I'm the bird you're the bird cage

Repeat x1

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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2017 SmashMouth Music Group
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