Doubts Lyrics

[Hook x2]

You can find me by myself
Heard the you're the realest out, I got doubts
Real niggas ride in stealth i can vouch
What i smoke a day? At least an ounce


Hell yea I'm smoking loud
f*ck a bank account keep the cash in the couch
All of my niggas tellin' me to dumb it down
That's the type of shit I ain't about

[Verse 1]

Look at my past real talk I'm proud
Used to wake up bare hoes on the couch
All of those hoes have boyfriends now
Don't know what's going all these days
Life moves so fast then it's f*ckin' lights out
He said she said I'm finna go world wide
Coast to coast opening third eyes
Got an aerial view call that birds eye
Went and talked to the sky and he said it's your time
When the shoe fits wear it, make sure it's your size
Met a cop he said “Nigga you should stay with your kind”
I'm a God probably gonna meet him in the next life
With prior knowledge tellin' him to play his cards right
They say gimme gimme more gimme some gimme gimme some
Need a couple bangers any time the f*ckin' winter come
f*ck your lane man I got an avenue
Bare sharks in the water but I still paddle through
I became the man i want did what i had to do
I'm a wolf to the sheep ya'll barely cattle food
When the boat I row breaks I just hop in my canoe
The imaginarium of doctor Ponders is anonymous personify a song because I wanna find the truth
Cookin these niggas bare mans to BBQ
Look at me in the eye when i talk to you I'm your dad

[Hook x 2]


[Verse 2]

You Ponders give me another anthem
Need my blunts gotta go to the store
Don't got grape then I might throw a tantrum
First world problems
Niggas don't ball man I'm finna go Spalding
Heard your song spent the whole time yawnin'
Brainwashed hope it's not so
Kids to busy playing Pokemon Go
Got some shrooms that I think I might do
I'm high out my mind when my dealer come through
Look like I'm dealin with a stage 5 Kaiju
How am I here man it ain't by fluke
You can do whatever you want my nigga I'm proof
Don't let anybody ever tell you what you can't do
Both eyes closed like i hate eye drops
But my third eyes open you can call me cyclops
Everyone said I was like my mom but I'm 25 now turning into my pops
Weed in my hand lil more in my socks
Jam don't got vibes guarantee I might flop
Lost so i look at the stars
Look me in the eye said you're the one in charge
Ya'll know Ponders ain't runnin' outta bars
Time might pass I remain fully charged

[Hook x 2]

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Songwriter(s): DillanPonders
Record Label(s): 2017 SmashMouth Music Group
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