Kokane Kowboy (will Lean Solo) Lyrics

Cocaine cowboy, giving raw when I travel
Down in Texas, we moving ki's like cattle
U.S. war on drugs, but they losing the battle
Bucking the interstate, bareback with no sattle

Cocaine cowboy, now get it up
Triple beam bad man, the brick I split it up
Thinking Novas, baking soda I whip it up
Uncut, down proof it and seal it up
Drop it off, the interstate I hit it up
And when you ready with my feddy, I come back and pick it up
Want to invest, I f**k with only the best
Jump on the bandwagon, mashing like the pony express
Moving my weight straight, Peruvian flakes
I pull mo' cake state to state, then you cats hallucinate
The moves I make, the routes that I choose to take
Trailing the '88 Ford, that I use for bait
The rules I break, dope running and money laundering
Smuggle my shit thoeder, than a cartel of Columbians
F-E-D's mumbling, wondering how I seal it
The drug lord thug heart, right down to the finish

[Hook x2]

Drug trafficking, cocaine manufacturing
Connected elected, respected with Africans
We in this shit, paid about ten a brick
25 ki's from quarter mills, so we spend it quick
We out them gates, with pyrexes to shake
In the lab acting bad, with mo' blocks to bake
28 is the weight, as I fill up the plates
Grow on trees with cocoa leaves, overseas in Kuwait
The deals I make, kicking my spurs up on the curb
Cocaine cowboy, hit the laws with six birds
Ten is a bird, making the block shaking the cops
Out the roof of my hou', and my glock waiting to pop
Devastating or not, Big Shots come out on top
Organized crime, masterminds on schemes and plots
The dreams I got, to win and set trends
Cheaper suite kick up my feet, like a kingpin


So erotic, moving bundles of narcotics
The Coast Guards, U.S. Customs can't even stop it
Real exotic, like when I'm down in the Tropic
The ki's that I move, Noreaga can't top it
Cheese I got it, so peep the skills of a chemist
Running yale down my scale, as I yield in Memphis
Now to Atlanta, then straight through Alabama
FED's set a road block, but I peeped it on the scanner
Louisiana, in the booth making loot
Take your mouth off mute, I shoot to execute
Cause snitch niggaz, get found in a ditch quicker
Dope related, assassinated for six figgas
Kicking dirt, off the hook like Wild Ert
When your chest bursts, you'll feel how it hurt
My birds don't chirp, got me labeled an outlaw
Can't no in the state, buck this cowboy


Cocaine cowboy

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