Sittin On Top Of The World Lyrics

Forever Botany, sitting on top of the world

Sitting on (sitting on), sitting on (sitting on)
Sitting, on top of the world
Diamonds (diamonds), diamonds (diamonds)
Diamond pearls, and girls
Sitting on (sitting on), sitting on (sitting on)
Sitting, on top of your girl
Shining (shining), shining (shining)
Shining, for the world

My nigga we sitting on top of the world, with diamonds and pearls
Girls that's addicted like curls, welcome to the world
Suburbans and the Cadillacs
Come equipped, with this game cause we ain't having that
I'm about them paper stacks, a hundred thousand yeah they got us a mill
The next year around this time, we'll be carrying a bill
Come down the Boulevard, sideways
As I blaze purple haze, and think of many ways
Or I can keep paper chasing
Or I can mash on the gas, catch for generation no more Clover hation
Southern, gotta throw a platinum party
And if them niggaz want static, shit I brought my 40
The Botany Boys, Botany Boys yeah we superstars
The Botany Boys, Botany Boys play with platinum toys
We coming switching the lane, and flying on planes
And gripping the grain, our show sold out mayn nigga we


Dreams of a life, full of sunshine
No playa hating, from them crooked ass one time
And robbing dead, so it ain't no jacking for my ride
You been exposed, to all the finer thangs that life provide
Can't erase all the pain, that I left behind
Now across the world I'm flying, counting dollar signs
Mom and pop got acres, far as you could see
About to give two hundred thee, to the community
To separate from all the drama, and the violence
We set the Clover on the ocean, called it island
To keep time, nothing but Roley's being wound up
Two story pads, being built from the ground up
Diamonds scattered, from the iced out bezyltine
Boppers staring at the Bentley, sitting on 17's
Counting grands, and the fans showing nothing but love
Like Note told ya, putting rocks all up in your mug we on top of the world


Sitting on top of the globe, getting blowed
Like tailor made suits, this game is getting sowed
Wrecking these boys call a truck, they getting towed
Shine up all the pearls, diamonds and all the golds
We gon show em how we roll, foreigns and limos
Mashing with O do's, glassed out patios
Black lacquer fo's, grey matalic Rolls
Preaching with callicos, leave you with bullet holes
We pro fa sho, by these hoes they love clothes
Versacci Armani, Bobby Joe's and Havanna Jones
Big Shots, that's sitting on top
Smash off in my drop, sitting on blocks
Chop chop chop, goes them blades when I floss
Navigator with the bop, perpetrate they getting tossed
Wrist full of frost, ice gleaming like pearls
Big Shots, sitting on top of the world


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