Imagine Dat (head Solo) Lyrics

On the rise like steam, was it a dream when they valeted my big six
When the baguettes bling from my ring, was your mind playing tricks
Calicoe with beam mug mean, and a team down to get lit
Coast to coedine sacks of green, and a suitcase full of bricks
400 Lex and private jets, taking worldwide flights
Avoiding plex cashing checks, and bought a home in the Heights
Game sharp like spikes blind out sight, when I roam in the lights
Ain't down to get stung by niggaz like Nikes, so I pack my chrome in a fight
It's far beyond your imagination, deeper than your mind could wonder
Surround by sound knocking like thunder, flossing my 2000 Hummer
Now all the freaks that use to high side, want me to dig out they womb
And all them suckers that call me fly, claim they my A-boom coon
They see the Bentley and the Rover, and the rocks on my hand
They see that lot behind the mansion, for my chopper to land
Plus my c.d. on the rack, selling out back to back
Led to my picture in the Source, holding a platinum plack imagine that

Hummers and Bentleys, helicopters and jets
Calicoes glocks, gauges choppers and techs
Armani units and gators, Guccis and dob hats
Blazing fluffy endo sacks, plus a vault full of stacks

Imagine me H-E-A-D, in the limelight shining like glitter
Locking on mics with vicious bites, like the Hardest Pit in the Litter
Big Shot game spitter, H-Town hard hitter
Hogging the road staying blowed, got the rap game sewed like a needle
Never known as a quitter, Cloverland gon stay off the chain
Baguettes hang spelling my name, while I'm gripping the grain in the rain
Worth a couple of mill and some change, still roll bumper grill on them swangs
Leaving a stain with my 3rd Coast slang, stick in your veins like fangs
Imagine my name on a banner, promoting a show in Atlanta
Long distance call from Alabama, pulled up my Prime Co. antenna
Booked a show for ten thirty, called up C-Note, Will and Dirty
Hopped on the jet popped up Moet, then floss the set bright and early
While haters bump, I know them chumps couldn't picture me living this well
Pick the lock 3rd plot, they out now watch the Big Shots that sell
Imagine me giving up my hustle, stacking my paper legit
Imagine me dropping a double c.d., and every song be a hit
Imagine my struggle and pain, break through the clouds and the rain
Now I got your eyes in a strain, from platinum braces and chains
First class round trips on a plane, two week vacations in Spain
Shed tears and smudging a shame, since Gator gone thangs ain't the same
Big Shots remain to maintain, collecting stacks wrecking tracks
Flossing Lincoln Lex and Lacs, nothing but ballers thugs and macks
And gator shoes and Gucci slacks, and Botany hats and Clover tats
Blaze a dub and endo sacks, when Dez get back imagine that

Benzes and Rovers, Navigators and Lex
Mansion gates yachts and lakes, princess cuts and baguettes
Ballers and thugs, playas and macks
A million units selling, bringing platinum placks

Vision me on TV screens, dobbed out in ice bezeltyne
Grill on gleam just like sun beams, while I flow as smooth as the stream
Pockets stacked up 'drolics and jacked up, Roley packed up with stones
Ripping tracks up hanging placks up, endo stacked up in zones
Shiny black over chrome, reflection straining your vision
Dropping tops crawling 4's, two prone swanging and twisting
Baguettes hanging and glistening, boppers claiming and choosing
Is this chain full of rocks, or is it just an illusion
Giving this rap game a bruising, confusing suckers with static
Abuse the mic when I grab it, like dope do smokers and addicts
Can you imagine my medallion, swinging full of Marquice's
Can you picture platinum Roleys hanging, out of Carnices
Can you love it when I shine, are you gon hate and be swoll
Can you feel when I crawl down, with long haired stallion creole
Had the weed had the weight, so some of these niggaz had to hate
It's in your face so congratulate, no longer no need to imaginate imagine that

Hummers and Bentleys, helicopters and jets
Calicoes glocks, gauges choppers and techs
Armani units and gators, Gucci's and dob hats
Blazing fluffy endo sacks, plus a vault full of stacks

Imagine that [x5]

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