Cloverland 2000 Lyrics

We Botany big shots, chopping up on your block
Burbans on the block, drop top on them dots
We rolling like dice, staying covered in ice
Game sharp as a knife, Big Shots for life

Creeping, in a V-12 on blades
9-9 to be exact, jamming "Sun Hit the Fade"
Just got paid off of jam, called "Thought of Many Ways"
Sitting fat in the Clover a brand new Rover, dropping hits like grenades
It's going down, keeping it real stacking them mills
Arches wide marble flows, living lavish on them hills
Cause living lavish is a habit, so I expose my game
Acting a fool breaking them rules, yeah Botany bring the pain
Just known to shine when we flipping and dipping, and Yak sipping
Clipping niggaz gals, while you out there set tripping
Tipping down the highway, getting paid doing shows
Gorilla pimping while you cakes, fall in love with these hoes

We got money and the power, suits by Eddie Bauer
Twenty room mansion, marble flo's outside my shower
Ceiling high as a tower, Rolex hands tell my hours
Drug deals go sour, we serve you gold medal flower
Two kilos of powder, so nigga give it up
Bagguettes and princess cuts, your dreams we live it up
Our cars be deluxe, top notch broads see we f**k
Big face bills and mills, my Clover piece bring me luck
Infrareds up, taking it to your dome
Letting it be known, Screwed Up Click mob strong
20 inch chrome, so watch the Lex Lan' shine
Don and thing mankind, Botany hit a land mine it's Cloverland


Is it that Clover, pushing big body with the V-12 motor
Fully loaded chopper, bout to tear it off your shoulder
Soldiers, on a mash to sell a million copies
R.I.P. Lil' Gator, but you still forever Botany
Watch me, break em off a leaf Clover style
Flipping with three pieces, we increase the Rover miles
Started as a click, and we gon finish it together
Just like the Botany B.G.'s, mayn we making cash forever
Dropping platinum hits, trying to overflow my wallet
Dez in the FED, hitting that iron getting solid
I reminisce bout G's, I miss blazing up the doja
Two triple O we in the do', and shining for the Clover

Cloverland-Cloverland, that's what they be screaming
Now wake me up if I'm dreaming, see how my diamonds be gleaming
Producing stars like Ken, like Jodeci they fiending
Plenty hoes we tag teaming, cause we stacking that green
Nigga we off the chain leaving a stain, gripping the grain f**k the fame
The Botany Boys switched the game, the Botany Boys who bring the pain
Run a train switch the lane, got love for Shane got love for Dame
Girls in Spain they hooked like caine, got these boys like hold up mayn
Like I said befo' we on the map, we on the go we got the trap
We got the flow we got the rap, down with Pat we set the trap
Diamonds in your face diamonds on my hand, diamonds on my wrist diamonds in the Lan'
Wreck the sand like I'm the man, I throw away a hundred grand

[Hook x3]

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