We Throwed Lyrics

I'ma come through, with the grill and bang
Nigga I'ma wreck the scene, with fifty rocks in my ring
Nigga I'ma spend my cash, in million dollar bills
And nigga, I'ma act a ass with this billion dollar deal

Nigga I'ma kick this shit off, for Texas hoe
Nigga I'ma slam my fo', on my Lexus do's
Nigga I'ma let the screens fall, and play Tekken 4
Nigga I'ma let the boppers bop, and then wreck them hoes

Nigga I'ma show my skills, when I'm in the Deville
I'ma pop the trunk, working wood sturning wheel
I'ma sip Cristal, while Jack be on his hill
I'ma conversate, and do my best to knock down Jill

[Lil' Flip:]
I'ma put diamonds in your face, when I open my mouth
I'ma count a lot of money, when I open my vault
I'ma show my tattoos, and my shiny teeth
I'ma roll in my coupe, and hold my shiny piece

[Yung Redd:]
I'ma shoe my bezeltine, holding a Rolex
I'ma run through red lights, when I'm drunk off the Moet
I'm a 20/20 seer, when I earn a new penny
I'ma let my girls go, if I got too many

I'ma make sho' Big Shot, make us some mills
I see a hundred out the gate, I bet that get us a deal
I'ma shine at the Grammys, when we get that award
I'ma fall to my knees, and give thanks to the Lord

(we throwed), f**king right nigga
(we throwed), our shit's tight nigga
(we throwed), them boys off the hook
(we throwed), Botany Boys keeping booked
(we throwed), f**king right nigga
(we throwed), our shit's tight nigga
(we throwed), them boys out of sight
(we throwed), wrists covered in ice

Nigga I done bought the mall, with screens that fall
Nigga I done over balled, with platinum placks on the wall
Nigga I done did thangs, that spark this rap game
Nigga I done switched the lane, grip grain and ran trains

Nigga I done showed up, for this 2 triple O
Nigga I done took plenty lives, with my pistol hoe
Nigga I done shot my shit straight, like a missile hoe
Nigga I done let you know, bullets don't tickle hoe

Nigga I done bought Rolexes, without looking at the price
I done knocked off jewelry, that show nothing else but ice
I done been on yachts, with Big Shots and chrome glocks
Everytime you see us, we be pulling off the lot

[Lil' Flip:]
I done swam the Pacific, I ain't seen no shark
I done took my pants back, cause they need mo' starch
I done slid down the street, with Lil' Flip on my plates
I done told Hump, I'ma take over my state

[Yung Redd:]
Now I done bought the showroom, Redd's a black Bentley stretcher
I dont jumped fly, in all black Fendi sweaters
I done posed with supermodels, you know that I'm a star
I done got woozy, and overdosed on a cup of bar

I done blazed up the doja, and got high as a kite
I done rolled for the Clover, I done earned my stripes
I done blew these boys minds, like a V-12 horn
I done represented Texas, cause I'm 3rd Coast born


Sucka Free nigga, niggaz from H.S.E.
Botany Boys, we represent the South
That's right we all throwed, Willow, Dub D

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