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I Hope You Know I Care More Than I Could Ever Show It Could've Been Different Light Subtracts Itself How Memory Works Desperation In Am Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas I Want To Sleep So I Can Dream Of You Better Off Timmy's Christmas Song A Conversation With Conscience Sometimes Falling Wasting Away 3 Minutes 47 Seconds Left To Live Postcard I Don't Wanna Grow Up Ocean Every Song In The World I'm Super Cereal Love Another Broken Heart And The Skeletons Play A Perfect Star The Last Star Left In The Sky Burns Out Nothing Will Fade Us Five Flights Down Ghost Whisperer I'll Miss You So Good A Letter Writing Songs Merry Christmas Christmas Eve Never Said There's No Such Thing As Destiny Smelly Pirate Hooker Goodbye Space Mist Of All This Sin And They Lived Happily Ever After Dog Twitterpated Against Better Judgement Forever Yours I Poured My Heart Into This Friends Lies Piano Song Finding Saturn Strawberry Shampoop New York Every Night And Day Black Secret The End Of Something I Wish I Was Chad A Tangible Structure The Astronaut Stay On Rewind Always Letters Between Lovers: Part 2 Overrated September Seems So Lonely This Year The Longest Year Of My Life I've Got A Christmas Tree In Every Room Daffodils The Night Sky Meet Us At Graceland In 20 Autophobia The Jaded Diary Until I Speak Your Name Cwapface Headlights And Parking Lots I Want Chad For Christmas Make Believe The Daydream Impression Owls If I'm The Sun Then You're The Moon Cold Sheets Straw Of Another Nature Memorial Park Chad For President This Town Needs Water Guns As Long As I'm Yours Life Oceans Of Skyline Titles Are Useless For Tonight Have A Nice Shower Never Say Never Songbirds Lonely As The Sun Summertime Brighter Under The Covers Rain Chad The Great Sleep Heavens Waiting Fictional Lullaby Speak In Whispers So Perfect Anatomy Of A Corner We Live On Hope Sweetie Sleep Patterns Emo Elmo Chad Impossible Ut Lux Lucis Fades Marble Hornets Catherine's Lullaby Tonight Is The Last Night Downtown Whatever You Had Me At Hello Hey You Dropped Your Purse The Naptime Song Scarves & Sweaters Walking On The Beach Chemicals Shit Just Got Real Paper Airplanes Oceans Behind Walls A Clean Well-lighted Place Owen Wilson Zombie Love I Love You X10 Sun On The Way Home Bitches And Hoes Delusion Boats And Birds Those Eyes Hey Mr. Dinosaur When It Rains Quicksand Overland Park How The Stars Fell Into The Sky I Wouldn't Trade This For The World Over You A Cold Summer A Weeks Worth Of Tears Forever This Pink Bracelet Made Me Stay Thanks For Disappointing Me Dear Moon I Just Took A Crap And Thejon Came Out She Is The Light That Brightens My Heart Europa Motionless In Dreams (in Nightmares) Phone Calls From Prague Lullaby Fornever Don't Forget To Read In Between The Black Learning To Sleep Dream Girl Sad Song Lost At Sea Sunshine Is This What You Wanted Aphelion These Old Bones Car Wash Yeah You're Scene...in My Pants Patience Be Mine Abc's A Perfect Day Trainwreck I-45 Northbound Realizing What Was Once Had Promise Ring Forever And More The First Day Of School Safe A Heart Shaped Balloon Early Spring Dustin Planes Trains And Long Goodbyes Eff The Police Andromeda I Miss You All These Bitches Untitled Do A Barrel Roll! The Sound Of Love Inside Jokes Thank You All You Ever Need (to Get You By) When What Hugs Stopping Earth Than Silent Is Breathe I've Got My Heart On My Sleeve The Moon Is Expensive I Guess Everything Reminds You Of Something Blue Skies Crazy House Silence Dream Bikes Wait Up Beauty Dude Chad! Everything Lately Memories A Way I'll Never Be Paper Universe Forehead Kisses Alone As Well As Gone Devil In Disguise Alone Forever Snapple Facts I Want A Broken Heart Tattoo A Lifetime Is A Day The Flight Of The Red Balloon Invisdabul Timmy Failure By The Dozen You're The Best I'll Ever Have Natural Selection The Universe Curl Up And Die Sparks Fly Up B-side To Romance January You Thought You Could Beat Me In A Game Of Skip-it. You Were Wrong. A Candid Collection Of Thoughts And Emotions Dude Where's Chads Llama I Pwn Newbs Still Not An Emo I Have A Crush On Michelle Branch If Sorry Meant Anything You'd Still Be Here (full Band Version) Paper Scissors Bloody Broken Heart Hanging From A Nail On The Wall Leaving How's The Weather Empire! Empire! (i Was A Lonely Estate) Building Piexcore Middle Of The Map Why Do We Always Have To Resort To Pillows And Natalie Portman The Joie De Vivre Break Up Song Remember That One Time We Got Lost Using Google Maps Give My List Of 15 Things To Avoid This February And 3 New Ways To Hurt You I Don't Care Who You Are! The Wrath Of Khan Rules French Braid The Pokemon Theme June Runaway Are You Afraid Of The Dark It's Always The Quiet Calm Nights When The Stars Shine Almost As Bright As She Does Smooth Groovin' Gotta Get Away Why Can't We Be Friends So I Can Stab You In The Back
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Emo Side Project was started by Andrew (Mae) McShan (also of the now defunct screamo band Lizards Have Personalities ) in 2002 as a satire on 'emo' music culture by mixing serious and joke material. Over the years the project evolved into something much more. Known for flirting with genres ranging from traditional midwest emo to pop punk to indie rock to shoegaze to avant-garde, ESP is recognized for its prolific discography with over 50 releases, which includes collaborative splits with bands like Joie de Vivre, Mane Horse, Flatsound, Little Kingdoms and many more. Throughout the years ESP has always offered download of its entire discography for free. While ESP is primarily an acoustic solo project, a full band has recen... read more