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Tuff (so Damn) Lyrics

[VERSE 1: Master Rob]
Put up or shut up, it's time to wake up
Microphone kings is those that I break up
Open your eyes, it's clearly plain to see
It's Master Rob and DJ Diamond D
Back with the fire, rollin like a tire
It's the team that's sharp as barbwire
Fierce as a lion, swift as a leopard
You be the sheep and I'll be the shepherd
Leavin you to graze, I leave you in a daze
While Diamond D and Master Rob'll get paid
Never follow no rules or obey no instructions
What's our motto? Total destruction
Don't be a fool and jump cause this is danger
Lyrics like a spinnin blade, they'll rearrange ya
Slice and dice the words so precise and
Rhymes hit you like blows from Tyson
Lose your grip, shows you ain't shit
These beats are lit and Rob's writin hits
Contracts are signed, ideas intertwine
Money is made, yo, that's the bottom line
So get ready, rhymes are flowin steady
This is your Nightmare, punk, and I'm Freddy
So get up out your seat when you had enough
The Ultimate Force and we're about to get tough

[Kurtis Blow:] (So damn)

[VERSE 2: Master Rob]
I'm the Master of the microphone fitness
Those who doubt, Diamond D's a witness
Now that we're movin it's time to leave the intro
The music is hype, so let's go
No pain, no gain, slay or be slain
You got to be strong when you're learnin this game
So while I'm teachin I won't spare the wrath
D is my DJ and Rock's my bodyguard
The big man seen but seldom heard
Yo Rock (Yo, I'll knock his fronts out, word)
Know what I'm sayin, I'm deadly like a gun
I Ain't Playin' was the jam before this one
Hold up, wait up, slow up, don't even say it
Brothers gettin bold, so Rob'll have to slay em
Climbin and climbin, soon I reach my peak
Higher and higher but brothers still will seek
To stop me but like I said I'm a gun
So believe a pile of muthaf*ckas get done
Still hot, my mind's ablaze, rhymes are cinder
360 degrees, so remember
To prepare because you can't compare
I grab a mic, bust a rhyme, I'm through, then you're outta here
On a stretcher I can betcha, you had enough?
So what's the name of this jam? (Tuf)

[Diamond D:]
Hey yo Rob
Kick one more verse, knowmsayin?

[VERSE 3: Master Rob]
Now here's one more for suckers that's insecure
I'm the headache that Tylenol can't cure
I just creep up and sweep up those who can't keep up
And those who choose to oppose, I eat up
Attack and Rob reacts real quick
Cause if you wanna get stupid, then Rob'll get thick
The mic is in the fist of a specialist
Whatever made you think that yyou can mess with this
Crew? Now here's what we gonna do
Run down what you got yourself into
T-u-f is tough, that's of course
But otherwise it spells The Ultimate Force
Rap's new brand and with the grand
Make you slam and jam until you say, "Goddamn! "
Check the time and you will find
Heads'll be flown as I drop my rhyme
So don't be a fool and take the risk
And go to war with the man with the rhymes crisp and brisk
Breakin it down, you know the outcome
But in simpler terms you get done
At the hands of Master Rob and Diamond D
So prepare to pay the fee
Cause I'm causin a wave and things are gettin rough
Now what's the name of this jam? (Tuf)

[Diamond D:]
Yeah that's right Rob
Wakin up all the suckers who be sleepin on us, youknowsayin?

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