Yo Man Lyrics

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, uh, it's no comparison, man
I don't like you muthaf*cka, I don't talk like you, man
Hold on, man, let me tell you something, man
I don't really like you, man, man
Come on, man, it's no other, man, listen
Hold up, man... yo
[Chorus: Dom Pachino]
Hold up man, whoa, man, you don't wanna f*ck with us,
man, no, man, yo
Slow down man, yo, man, you don't wanna f*ck with us,
man, no, man
You, yo, man, yo, man, you don't wanna f*ck with us,
man, no, man
Aiyo, sick scene, tearing these parts up like cancer
How I just murderate ya'll, there's no answer
Came a long way, I tear the club like pole dancers
Ya'll only live once, I got a few chances
Yeah, Chap like Scott, yo keep the glances
Cold metal, full clip, to sell our pantses
Garbage can ya ass, you with the trashes
Just illuminate, glocks, it's like this gun's plastic
Play close, ya'll ride, I start dashing
Jetting to the barracks, blow smoke a chalice

Grab bread, get the God a nice palace
Body be, cheek on point, yo, who the wildest
Who the ones popping them things, it be the loudest
My franchise price this year, forget about it
How you moving the team, all real about it
Cut ya lights out like shorts and power outage
[Dom Pachino]
Man, ya'll niggas ain't dogs, you puppies, you ain't
sharks, you guppies
I eat your food, when I get the munchies
Ya'll niggas like a lunch, tray, so sweet
Punch a hole in you like a loose leaf sheet, you loose
I won't lose sleep, you won't get to see the Team when
we creep
We grungy, I put a beam on your cheek or your beak, I
flood the streets
Ya'll niggas like a slow leaf, suck dick like an old
Look at me, peep my whole steeze, you weak
Acting like ya'll move heat, well hold these
You gonna need some help, you gonna need some homeys
And some Co-D, I got a lawyer like Kobe's
So when I squeeze, and I beat the case
And I'm back on the scene with a bitch and some yak
And a fat bag of green, I'm not just a client, I'm the
Plus I'm a member of the Team

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