Daddy Was A Pimp Lyrics

[Chorus 2X: Dom Pachino]
Daddy was a pimp, daddy was a pimp
Walked with a limp, three quarter inch trench
[Double AB]
True pimps, speak to freaks, with revolting charm
The way they creep, you can say they close to Bond
You can see your crib, little sis watching Pokemon
While I'm the back try'nna poke your mom
Bitch thought she was slick, tried to smoke my charm
Now she jerking my dick with a broken arm
Ma, get a better grip, use both your arms
Nah, here, better yet, I throw a Trojan on
To get my boning on, my nuts are like two big bowling
With beads of sweat rolling on
I love getting high, getting my load off
But chicks be 'rushing' like Nikolai Volkoff
I need time when I'm fitting my hoes off

See which one, make me wiggle my toes more
When I find her, hit her with a phone call
Hit her with a fist, if she giving out the cold sores
[Chorus 2X]
[Dom Pachino]
Aiyo, daddy was a pimp, nah, daddy was a gangsta
He sold p*ssy and he had goons that'll shank ya
Cadillac with white walls, spinning
He had guns in the basement, and keys in the ceiling
So much coke he was billing, and his hoes was appealing
And off those hoes, you know he made a killing
His take on the pimp game, if I buy it, I'll sell it
And he ain't lying, I saw it, he's a bad alcoholic
Smoked a lot of herb and he had ashtma that was chronic
Ain't a damn thing he did that was good for his health
Cuz he wasn't concerned about shit but his wealth
You should hear the fly shit that he kicked out his
If he want some slow hoes, then he take it down south
Put the dick up til you hick-up, girl, gargle with your
[Chorus 3X]

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