It's Goin' Down Lyrics

[Chorus: Dom Pachino (w/ MGT)]
(If that's how it's goin' down)
Must be in your jeans, like a wallet, and you tryin'
take me out of pocket
(If that's how it's goin' down)
I don't wanna see ya face, cuz you try'nna take my
(If that's how it's goin' down)
I ain't gonna break a sweat, I'mma make 'em pay they
(If that's how it's goin' down, if that's how it's
goin' down)
Yeah, I'm known for leaving, maybe sleeping for days
Me and my niggas be thugging, we known for creeping
with k's
And hop in the back of the trees bucking at the oppos',
it's must that I drop those
Bitches, here you gon' wind up missing, you f*ck with
this conditions
You a mission for mercy, and briefcases full of big
Til the day that I'm put in the dirt, hell yeah, I'm
putting in work
T.A. be on the grind, twenty four seven, three-sixty-
Days a year, my gats no fear, my heart, I knew that
f*ck it's on, age of nine, I was sleeping with glocks
Now, I'm steady to go to sleep with a K, and a pump,
and quick to dump
On sight, and leave ya body on cold and snatch a soul
Like a thief in the night, that's how it goes down,
that's how it goes down
Today's issue, got me carrying a loaded pistol
Wish you thinking with me, having them shots, miss you
Dismiss your character, blasting at all you amateurs
Crush melons to descavate your stamina
Cause and effect, got that blood squirting from ya neck
Our only way to which they pay is from a switft chin
I quick collect respect from, protect you fit them
Like out with calico, it's hot, I-I stick 'em
Doing tours, just to give you what you want and more
Of the earthly blast, give your, mine, mine, to explore
Runs, do a rhyme, rhyme, we got here with men and who
We never sleep, so all ya'll haters stay or we grind
I'm just a thug nigga, doing what a thug do
Heat in the grill, for all of my thugs who be thuggin'
Grabbin' my steel, only if, a nigga have to
Sit back, relax ya mind, and focus on, what I'm about
to tell you
I'm on a mission and I'm hungry for that paper
Just doing my thing, got no time, for no playa haters
You must got me mistaken for them homeys, you done
Don't be yappin' at yo mouth, put it on the thin and on
the boss
I gots to get mine, so I do what I do
Hooked up with Killarmy, who be hollerin' Wu
Keeping it true, cuz we bout, putting it down
Holla at your boy, Booyow, that's how it's going down
[Dom Pachino]
I'mma let ya sell that raw, I'mma triple that on tour
Come home and cop a store, car, condo and more
Smack 'em in they face, cuz that's what they been
waiting for
Ain't not, try'nna understand, this man's try'nna make
And these haters try to take it, why, do they even fake
When the truth is naked, and my aura's so gracious
Hard work could comp a crib that's spacious, kids, tie
ya laces
I come back better than Mase did
My lyrics on the internet, you could copy and paste it
So sweet, dude, you can even taste it
You cats can't relate your patience, my heat is so

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