Soul Purpose Lyrics

[Intro: NLZ]
Yo... Napalm... we bomb
Yeah... yo
[Chorus 2X: NLZ]
Streets are savage, gotta keep my hand in the chrome
Team Napalm, the fire, bring the heat to your dome
We in the zone, alone, crush ya audio tones
We the last squad standing in the war with the clones
[Dom Pachino]
Aiyo, my soul purpose, is to slap ya'll fags
Ya'll keep looking at me, like a nigga in drag
I leave your face bloody, like a bitch on a rag
This is Napalm, for real, ya'll know the deal
I love hip hop, plus I, pop the steel
I don't talk to bitches, they drop and kneel
I slam dunk p*ssy, like Shaquille O'Neal
I don't talk to niggas, that love to squeal
If ya, thug for real, then your mug is stale
A slug won't affect ya, but this vest will protect ya
You'll be layed up in the stretcher, laid out
Your team is played out, they thought that about us
Before I came out, now they switched up
Dom P's a full house, make MC's scatter in dark holes
like minch mouse
Way too much spice, must be my mom's food
I'm old school, nickel plated twenty two
In a house party, same time CREAM dropped, then Cash
You all show, Napalm Team is all pro
We all pro, Team Napalm
New re-up, give me my shit back, that's why I even f*ck
with you
Take the stick, crack and boogie like you supposed to

Yo, you'se a trick stunt, don't ever try to jerk my
Get you a hot fix, and watch my sisters whoop your ass
This is Napalm, Akon funny-faced faggot
Millennium, stuck to my hip, it's what it is
It's Infinite, caliber shells beside my kicks
There go po-po, don't go bro, it's a set-up
Won't let 'em, know, though go slow, so keep ya head up
In and out the bing, ain't the song I'm try'nna sing
I got a flash of judges and cops with diamond rings
Son, the street life, the houses, the stock, the finer
I've done burned these curbs, done, pinched those birds
I'm a guilty muthaf*cka, ya honor, son, you heard?
[Chorus 2X]
The physical form of a battleship, I make you abandon
your script
When NLZ became the human art exhibit
Exceed your speed limits, I talk like castine gun
If it's flammable, then I can burn it, if it bleeds,
then I can kill it
A product of the environment, with the reflection of a
broken mirror
I shatter your dreams like Big Pun, no banana clips,
and the cavities in my hollow steel lungs
I walk through concrete jungles like kingdom come
Thug it out, with grym grills and grimmace on false
Til they twist, from acting timid, I eark your nerves
like dark corners
Populated when the sun set, Sun Tzu, my art of war
Deadly like wind blades of Gensu, when I come through
I bring dirty Jers' to Shaolin, a head toucher
Foot soldier, Napalm Iron Palm, brand through your skin
I'm like a full force to your chin...
[Outro: Dom Pachino]
Team Napalm, knawImean?
This muthaf*ckin' Dom Pachino, knawImean?
Introducing Team Napalm, shuttin' niggas down this go
around, man
Word up, nourishing forever, knowImean?
Word up, 2005 shit, bitch

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