Napalm World Lyrics

[Intro: Dom Pachino]
Yeah, uh-huh, yeah, yeah, Team Napalm, niggas, yeah
[Chorus: Infinite (Dom Pachino)]
You dumb diddy, stuck on ice, and on pearls
(Kid, tell 'em it's a Napalm World)
I'm a nut, and you rodents, ain't nothing, you all
(We gon' kill 'em, it's a Napalm World)
We in the six, rollin' low in the city, on rim swirls
(Ya'll fags don't know, it's a Napalm World)
Ya'll get tight, we keep heaters for haters, we bomb
(We gon' shut 'em down, it's a Napalm World)
[Dom Pachino]
Are you familiar with the butter complexion, rhyme
killa kid
Pushing through your city, like my nigga Godzilla did
Projects is like villages, huh, we call 'em pillages
Ninety nine cent beer in the store, build with this
I take a long walk everyday, it's gun talk
My dogs bark, plus the jakes stay parked
On the sidelines, waiting for a nigga like me
That love crime, just slide by and think my shit's fly
It don't stink, please stop lusting my link
I rock camo', and never tried rocking a mink
The industry's bug, never made it easy for a thug
That's why we hustle like we do on the streets
To lay the rug, bloody bodies in the tub, liquor in the
Hoes are getting dug, whose sicker with the snub
Niggas gettin' stuck, all up in the club for rubbing me
I'm try'nna remember a line from my old song
Napalm Team is so f*cking strong, that's my word born,
my word born
Nigga, I steam, boil, bubble, bake gram yak
My white blow ya damn brain back
How my fiends is saying that, guess they all stay
Take your lighter to the spoon cuz the coke is too
Run out, re-up, back, at it again
While try'nna stay at 'em, with the county's top ten
And then, not try'nna be harder, than I am
Just saying if you tough, then you a strong black man
Like Heckler and Cap, I get in and out of jams

These hoes wanna trap, I bail after I bam
And don't wife 'em, we f*ck 'em and nice life 'em
These birds give a pass for cash, they so triflyn
It's all night with, class get cut, tits get stuck
Hard luck, so we duck and buck
Wake up around chico's and stuff, but living is
In my face, for the last bag of dust to huff
Must be the dogs, we gon' catch up, you niggas
immitating streets
Then you muthaf*ckas imitating me
We in the hood like crackheads, we crack heads, with
hot lead
A hot heat, heavy metal, drop shells of fire arms
Like Megatron, we clear the avalon, python
Call the roller coast off, blow storm like
Horrific hurricanes, bleed your block, freeze your
Heed the name of War, I hammer heads like Thor
A metaphor strike and contour with shogun swords
The violent storm, bred War Machine Z, a killa auto
Found the fire song, for a llama pull, for the deck on
Bald heads up all in my song, blow your flesh with
Of Johnny Storms, sword to the light brigade
Strapped with bombs of Napalm, with Napalm, yo
Sources say he's out of control, he's self from the
Bumped his head, now he's reppin' with the touch-arm
He pack clips like the Terminator, on a time trip
Persist, I'm rich, we leases, lyrical hollow tips
Calm your nerves, before you obsilical gets lit
Getting you clipped, is how I erase your resistance
We clap for funds, taking tacks on dumb-dumbs, who want
I'm out, dishing pain out, by the tons
My eagle ain't, large, but I do have a big dome
Pick and choose, do you really want the plastic or
My bones are revitalized, been soaked in Heineken
Iron crunch, jumped into a AA meeting, let's try it
Sigh again, equals you lyrically dying
Face mask, all you saw was the thing go bling
Get a tech up from the neck up, what, your brain stuck?
Now they slick, in and in, after I let my gun bust

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