Nlz Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro: NLZ]
Yo, what up J Wati? What up, DJ Ram, A Man Apart, part
You know, observe it, yo it is what it is, yo Vintage,
yo, yo
I just write, I never think twice, freestyle nights
You tedded heads is full of lice, I'm better than
English leather
A lather massage, shave metal from box cars
The session like red stars, observe from the service of
You not hard, you plyable, reality bites ya marrow
Eat through your organs, I play pianos and organs
Today's music is boring, I'm raw, uncut like coke
Bullets spray like sunshowers, I tower like Lord of the
Ring the bell, the fight's on, murder ya pawn
Just feel the fire, like Spawn, burn your flesh to the
I'm like Grandmaster Flash, scratch a verse to your
audio tones
I throw bones like dominos, I shoot rocks thru convo
My convoy like eighteen wheelers with bad vision
The doctor made the wrong incision, niggas never
listen, man
I'm out there, I can't be reached
I roam with God, my brain organ is a measure of speech
So speak when allowed, I'm die with a gift, I'm sick
I'm like Ferrari's on the autoburn'll burn ya slick
The alternate rip like a jazz musician
An ensemble of melodic intercourse with rhythm
I'm a patient treated by ancient medicine
My thoughts carry power through neuroris, my verses
leave you quoteless
Formless flow, Amoeba Joe, you can't counter
You know my M.O., Latin was the alphabet's founder
Like father forgive me, for I have sinned
I say that every time your pad, kiss the ink from the
I feel like I'm locked in the pen, four walls
surrounded, never give in
It's like it's S.N.A.F.U., a verses clapped
Your memories lost, but found, like skulls of dead seas
in a cave
Last bottle's contained, documents hard to read in
I'm habius corpus, corpus cristi, eye of liners stay
More talent to the Mr. Ripley, I'm not picky

Gravedigga, axe, shovel, big trouble in Little China
Bull from dilated vaginas, in the physical power
cypher, aggressive liars
Burning fires of guilt, never stop for these equality
I murder when built, knowledge of seven
G.O.D., Eternal, Energy, P.E.A.C.E.
Positive, Energy, Always, Creates, Elevation release
I got a dosage of liquified flows for lethal
And an antidote discovered, I'm behind closed doors
checking my peep hole
I dig a hole through my scout when planning a
Necker wise, dropped the bomb, heart felt, we real
Make love to the music, I'm one, I stand out like a
hand that was lacking a thumb
You stand out like city streets of litter, feel me? You
The green badger swagger, got you easy, believe me
You lame ass niggas will feel pressure, I cook with
measures, you never seen
I did five in the U.S. green, air assault
Blood wings, fire things like sixties, M-16's
L.A.W.'s, flip money like acrobats, a rap fanatic
M.C.'s rugged bum, one-six, illtown NL Zigs
Zag, War Machine, name, dressed in dirty rags
A ragged edge, jagged monster in the making
I stomp you til my Timberland's start aching
The illest creation since death, you guaranteed when
you born to eventually rest
You never know what's next, I make niggas hold they
I'm like water, over your head, I walk with the dead,
eat with the dead
I'm living death, embrace me, eternally you one with
I'm disconnected from the world, an armed crow like
body builders
My biceps resemble stone pillars in Rome
Killa came home and formed the Army
My Napalm blood kin, a regiment, P.R. Terrorist,
Infinite, NLZ
War Machine, my dark hat force metal heads
Third rail, call me Commodore, or Kaiyel, I spring into
I'm a fraction of the total domination, apocalypse, the
black scorpion
Build with Bronze Nazareth, Chef, low Kevorkian
My dirty doctrine, a Killarm' in the shootout
Warcloud, Holocaust, War God, this is more closer
Buying scores like stock, yo, peace to Jam Master Jay
Blow a kiss to the sky, heaven or hell, we dwell
And balanced, stop the violence, observe through a
moment of silence

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