Drugs Lyrics

[Chorus 3X: Dom Pachino]
f*ck yeah, shit yeah, why not?
f*ck yeah, shit yeah, we on the block
[Hook: Infinite]
We like drugs, bitch shove this up your nose
Drugs, ecst' sprinkle on your nipples
Drugs, I'm smoking, you blowing, do you
We getting f*cked up, you'se a sober face, dude
I-95 stash box *sniff* moving large
Move tons on the Metro like a drug cezar
Keep my lines anorexic, I'm a modern Escobar
In a boat, in a float, from a plane from afar
If you crack, and got a blunt, if you pop and got a
Son, then triple stack, E pills rub it on your cut
Got 'dro, got blow, kingpin, capo
Got the best porito, your baby momma told me so
Keep blue, keep red, hardly smoke, here's wrecks
You can smoke it for free, mami, if you wanna give me
You'se a fiend, no problem, having troubles, I can
solve 'em
Got butter, here's a twenty clientele, keep revolving
f*ck with me, frozen face white just like Montana
One *sniff* of the pure, have you screamin' 'shit's
[Chorus 3X]
Yo, I used to be in love with drugs when I became a
I understood what a drug deal was
You had to cook it up, lay it on the scale, get the
mag' down
This is just a double up, or could it be some more now

f*ck yeah, shit yeah, sell it, make some more now
f*ckin' with that raw now, P. done bought a store now
Distribution caking up, everybody score now
Investment, looking good, bout to go on tour now
Yeah, that's really really hood, stacking up and down
Napalm, the ultimate, yeah, it's really on now
Napalm, the ultimate, yeah, it's really on now
[Chorus 3X]
[Dom Pachino]
My first blunt, was the beginner for a sinner
Next I'm on the block serving fiends like dinner
Started out with an ounce of cheeba
That I copped from a dred, in a spot on Cebra
Ounce turned to a quarter, quarter turned to a half
Half turned to a whole, I had to higher a staff
Three up in the projects, three up in the 'burbs
When I went O.T. is when I cancelled the herb
That's when I met Flacco, in Tampa Bay
On tour in '97, introduced me to yae
Yae, I can cook it, they smoked it and sniffed it too
Plus triple my funds, cop a condo, it's new
Now let me tell you what a condom will do
Have birds over my house, I'm daddy Perdue
Now, let me tell you what daddy would do
Wake up with three in the bed, they covered with goo
Addicted to sex, confess it to you
Addicted to music, Napalm coming through
Now, let me tell you what Napalm'll do
Make paper, f*ck bitches strangle your whole crew
[Chorus 3X]

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