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New Rockstars
Source Act
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New Rockstars Lyrics

[Verse 1: NYX]
I see people ask what its like to be famous
I ask what it takes to get there, no split hairs
I do care - vision impaired
For the dream to get there
Blurred eyes, tunnel vision til I hear yea

NYX in the spotlight, check 1, 2
Got a little ego in me, how bout you?
Don't be modest - gotta have it to make it
(Now we made it) (Now we're motherf*cking famous!)

Got bottles on bottles and everyone taking tons of shots
& the models ain't hostile we moving paper in blocks

You make it rain we make it storm every time she make it drop
Hundred dollar bills and that fine snow to show we rock like a


Grab a fan, throw em on stage to dance
Jump down, crowd surf, you'll swear the show never ends
Still rapping and flowing like theres no way to quit
Then we get turnt, pass out, wake up and do it again

Cuz it never ends, getting caught up in that cycle
Of relevance, there ain't a drug near as hyped up
So take it in, you'll swear you never felt as high
So evident, cuz I know I'd do it all to feel like a

[Chorus: All]

Rockstar, with a drug addiction problem
Never loving bitches proper
Only party with the -
Hot broads
In 1 of 40 cars
Up in my garage
Swaving out to Hov

Rockstar, with a drug addiction problem
Never loving bitches proper
Only party with the -
Hot broads
In 1 of 40 cars
Up in my garage
Swaving out to Crow/Joule/Source Act

[Verse 2: Crow]
I'm a rockstar, I just want a fast car
Visit a bar - and steal tips from the glass jar
Smoke a cigar, made of only black tar
Get put into a cell, 2 seconds cracked bars

I'm behind on crack and bars
On some hard shit
I ran outta coke, so your blood I'll do with
I'll squeeze you dry, and drink it out of a red cup
Keep whats left, sell it to your mom for 10 bucks!

I need a sponsor, but everyone thinks that I'm a monster
Put a hot babe on the stage and pull her tonsils during the concert
I'm not rolling, I'm just hyped up on some rocks
Thats why I'm a rockstar! Cuz I use that shit a lot!

I'm such an asshole, I'll kill the doctor that saved me
Go to the nursery, and eat the newborn babies!
You think I'm f*cking crazy, you just don't understand
The hourglass of your life, bitch, I CONTROL THE SAND!


[Bridge: Joule]
Growing up they said I wasn't good enough
But now I'm standing here surrounded by the crowd
You said would never listen, but here I am
And here they are cheering me on as I make my mark

[Verse 3: Erev]
The industry is changing, new artists we are praising
Taking samples of songs, and then we rearrange them
Our verses you are saying, replaying, on your phone
Constantly or daily, it'll never seems to phase me

It's crazy how we all started in the basement
Now we booking shows and performing on stages
Live out in Vegas, hypnotizing phrases
With a little 808 kick drum and bass hit

The basics, laced with dope rhymes and crazed hits
Save this, press the button add it to your playlist
We the rockstars of this new generation
Don't play guitars but we still get crazed fans

It's kinda funny how it all seem to change
All the old ways gone, man, welcome to the new day
We fighting to the top, just like dogs
Concealed in deep fog, what would kids really long for to be a


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Songwriter(s): Erev, JOULE, Mr. Crow, NYX of Source Act
Record Label(s): 2015 Source Act
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