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Source Act


February Lyrics (feat. Cryptic Wisdom & Clark Bomba)


[Verse 1: NYX]
Hovering cold shoulder, wait to blow over
Holding onto promises that stay in a smoldering
Ash pile, hold on, no way, gone in a minute
But back any day right?

I stay night and day waiting by the window pane
For a glimpse in the rain of your car or your face
No luck, but no way you're gone with no trace
No evidence to say otherwise, you're late

But you're coming home; no proof I just know
Waiting to wake up footprints in the snow
Frosted window, face inscribed, sunlight as glows
No hope, they say you're long gone

Funeral tomorrow and I won't go
Won't admit defeat, no show
I'll go and find you to show I'm not crazy
Visions getting hazy, memories fading


[Verse 2: Mr. Crow]
f*ck that bullshit, I was hit
A bullet to my heart and you were the cause of it
It's not my fault, you were the idiot
Deciding to take the fall and take the risk

Shit I left you, but I thought you knew better
Supposed to protect you, think I didn't care?
Well I don't, I'm just staring out alone in our home
With pictures together that make me sick

Kick in my pride wishing I was the one to have died
Cuz I can't lie about what happened
Our parents - I'm the one that has to hear them cry
And I'm the one that sees all the saddened -

Faces looking at me, flaring up
Guilty as charged, is this fair enough?
Can I bear enough before my head is crushed
Or do I have to take and kill everyone I ever loved?

[Pre-Hook: Joule]
Waooooh oooooh oooooh oooooh ohhhhh x2

[Hook: Joule]
I've given up so much, I've given so much of me
Now all I feel, all I feel is the February breeze
My heart is frozen over
I've lost my composure
You can't save me


[Verse 3: Erev]
It's been a while, since I been alone
Its 90 out, yet the cold wind blows
Sent shivers down my spine
Damn whats wrong with me, what happened with my mind?

Remember when I used to stand tall and proud
With a big smile, now all I wanna do is drown
Me? I'm stuck with my own thoughts
Started talking to you God
Am I crazy? (Yes) I just need a way out

I know I did wrong
God damn, why'd I make it home?
I was dumb
I was young
I was tryna have a little bit a fun

Now I can't even sleep, can't even breath
That night stenciled within me
Lord please give him back or end the pain
Before I pull the trigger and blow my brain


[Verse 4: Cryptic Wisdom]
Have I gone insane?
Is there anyone that knows my shame?
Cause I feel so alone these days
Stuck in a battle because I know I'm blamed

Used to kick it with the foes I've made
Now I never even show my face
Friendship is below my place
Hold the weight until my shoulders break

And I fall to the floor, how could I be so stupid? Damn!
I was there for a reason, to watch you both
It's no joke that I blew this chance
Didn't even end up with the girl that I dissed you for
Now I move in a trance
Consumed by the moon as it dances around your grave
And I loosen the flask

[Hook x2]


[Outro: Clark Bomba]
Its okay, to let it go; I'll face a new tomorrow x3

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Songwriter(s): Clark Bomba, Cryptic Wisdom, Erev, Mr. Crow, NYX of Source Act
Record Label(s): 2015 Source Act
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