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Blue Sky
Source Act


Blue Sky Lyrics (feat. Somantic, Fran Valentage & Sully Anwar)

[Chorus: Fran Valentage & Joule]
The clouds will make way for us to fly
High – you'll shine, be my sunlight
All the pains gone when I look in your eyes
Well stay right here, be my blue sky

The clouds will make way for us to fly
High – we'll shine, be my sunlight
All the pains gone when I look in your eyes
Well stay right here, be my blue sky

[Verse 1: Somantic]
Blue skies
Long days
New ties-
Always knew I'd
Fall face
First times
I'm awake cuz you opened eyes
Its my nature to go in disguise
I'm a no distance guy
I put her on a pedestal
Respected her incredible
I mentioned her in medical terms
Cuz her beauty was a medicine that's better than germs-
She was a queen
I was head of the nerds
Barely put together a set of the words
That I needed to be the reason her smile was achieved and I pleaded and pleaded to be the reason and I was feeling her breathing and then our lips interceded...
That's when I began to believe in the feeling


[Verse 2: Erev of Source Act]
You brighten my life like a ray of sunshine
You are always here standing right by my side
When I look to the sky, all I see is you
Heaven sent angel, girl you already knew
Cuz When you came in my life I felt god blessed
Me with the perfect girl theres no denying it
You got the best jokes; you got the best looks
Let it soak in, girl you got me so hooked
Cuz When Im with you, theres no dark cloud
You ain't even have to say a word to make me smile
Just the thought of you brightens up my day
We just laced and we'll let time pass away
Cuz Every moment with you I feel so great
And I still get butterflies like our first date
And it's a little late, but I still gotta say
I love you with all my heart, you my number one – bae


[Guitar Solo: Sully Anwar]

[Verse 3: NYX of Source Act]
Blue sky above, red hair to my side
So right around me two lights in my life
No one can see what I see in my sight
Laying on this grass just feeling alright
But let me find the cause of this feeling precise
Its ain't the music I make or the warm summer nights
It ain't the artificial feel good no matter how I try
But it has to do with how you complete me so right
For that beauty and soul; a firefight
A voice so strong its forbidden to die
A girl I found outside a cold church night
Is now living in my soul helping me fly
Feels a million miles away and its all the same
Proves distance and pain can be easily slain
Just takes the right people, 2 hearts, and a brain
And the will to stay dry in the storm and rain
But most don't wanna fight, just hope that it stays
And abandons ship at the slightest wave
Thats why I love you, you weathered the storm
Now we're here to stay, blue skies and nice days

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Songwriter(s): Erev, Somantic, NYX
Record Label(s): 2015 Source Act
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