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Isolation Lyrics (feat. Sky Orchid)

[Intro: Sample]
I've never been wrong
But you're the only one I trust to
Show me the way, I always hear your voice
And in my dreams I hear you calling my name

What is it about you?
Some kind of light shines from your face
And I can't turn away

[Hook: Joule & Gabriel Traknyak of Sky Orchid]
Isolation, it's time to face it
I'm wide awake but my eyes can't take it
When I fall asleep I'm lucid dreaming
Reliving when you're leaving

Isolation, it's time to face it
I'm wide awake (my eyes can't take it)
When I fall asleep I'm lucid dreaming
Reliving when you're leaving

[Verse 1: Erev]
Back and forth I rock when theres no beat
They say my minds gone, I snapped can it really be?
I try to think back to the day you walked away
But all I see is blank space, lost in my brain

I guess I'm getting used to being on my own
I got my fingers in an x behind my back they are permanently sown
What can I ever be? How can I ever change?
How can I be the man when I can't even stand -
The sight of my face, I'm isolated from the world I'm a disgrace, man thats what they say

And after all these years I finally gave in
I'm not the type of guy that needs your saving
Cuz I made it while you was dating
And all that hating - it ain't shit

I'm fine with being on my own
I'm finally fine with being all alone


[Verse 2: Mr. Crow]
I need the weed, the crack runs me back to my habits
I never go to my crib empty handed
Branded with these drugs in my lungs I've about had enough
Cram this stuff in the bowl and take another f*cking puff
I'm running my soul, fronting a pro
Jacked like I'm f*cking a hole, I'm cumming in bowls
I don't know how this will close
I'm shunning my goals
I'd rather have another hit to the last hit, gulping a roach
I'm a leave it, I feel the need to - until I need to have some more
I don't think I'll ever see this through
Do you believe in me? I don't believe you

Admit it the first thought you had was that this creep is screwed
And maybe you're right, cuz till the end I'll have my pipe and wrench the drugs out of your twitching carcass
I'm too far from bliss
You'll leak with blood, and when I'm done you will cease to exist
Hear me spit


[Verse 3: NYX]
A rose, no thorns, struggling to hold on
Picked clean of it's strength thinking it ain't worth one
Second glance or a look from heart-broken sunken-eyed girl in a wolf's disguise, piercing eyes
Preying teeth, stalking quietly
She ain't seen it coming, losing nothing
Everything sunken under a million other people going through the same thing or worse
She's hurt
No home
Just dirt
Long gone
Faded memories ride the coattails
Closed curtains to a past life
New act, new mind
New friends, new life
No time machine in sight
No second try gotta make it count
Cuz if I lose it all again I won't make it out
I'm down for count, 5, 4, 3, 2
Time to get up and turn black to blue, (blue, blue)


[Breakdown: Joule]
I'm isolated
When you're leaving x3
I'm isolated
I'm isolated


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Songwriter(s): Mr. Crow, NYX of Source Act, Erev
Record Label(s): 2015 Source Act
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