Scaling Lyrics (feat. Paranom)

[Verse 1 : Pete Flux]
This writer brings the promise of a quote
Acknowledge I admonish the demonic and their boasts
All with the rhythm of Muhammad jumping rope
Honest over notes in this world of elaborate lies
I'm the type to grab a brew with the average guy
Kick verses by the slew that I had to supply
Status is fly, won't find the cameras here
No distractions while I make sure the standard is clear
Vanish. Appear. Then we wash, rinse and repeat
Got something fresh to press and print for the street
Infinite beats, paired with an impotent speech
Yeah we've heard it all before from the simpleton fleet
My turn to be the change, a benevolent force
That penetrates the brain so you steady your course
For something better cause this journey's a trip
We've got shit to do before the gurney is flipped
Burning some piff, only if my goals are achieved
And that's how I'm living life, let it breathe
Like I'd remember all of these lines? Nigga please
Only lots of practice could make this look like a breeze
Pulled out an atlas, I got a job, I'm overseas
Anywhere I am, I'm fulfilling all of your needs
Soldier, at ease. Respect the words of Flux and Paranom
If our message was received, as you were. Carry on

Few write, how they really feel
But these dudes nice, cause they're really real
Scaling new heights, climbing up the hill
With the crew like, "Nigga what's the deal?"

[Verse 2: Paranom]
Cuz ain't no thanks for the angst
The master liftin' splinters off the planks
Gettin' lifted through the ranks
Through 7 heavens sifted with a feather shank
These angles of the sun that hit my system cranked just like a Belgian franc
I'm spendin
The ending-- alpha dependent
The outcome of the present with dislexic views of love until its exit
By addiction to the pleasant
f*ck a fractioned ration
Rationality action with imaginations through a warrior's tactic
Flowin' lactic
Honeys that wanna walk in fields on promised lands
Come and kneel to the knowledge seed and see if stars is real
Come feel
The bartered skill the charter
Tradin' breath-- a martyr's never above the scribal survival spittin truth to rivals
Karma, liable
Shave down scratches on two faces then I libate
Flippin' graces-- grippin' the fireball chases
For every chore is oasis-- from rebellion is my coolest places
On mental beaches with Haitian features facin'
For delf and
Blunted-- the universally mostly wanted
Cunning the punches rollin' past to rest on peace's summits
Hummus dipped papyrus for scrumptious
Elegant temperaments-- flickin' lighters writer's consumption let us
Breathe in the victor's crevices-- don't leech the evidence-- speech
Impediment beseech the reach of hearin' this it's sweet..
Swishers elite-- pull gun smoke how stroke riddles
Repeatin' quotes that fashion the feat, catch the gleek that drip off the peak nigga


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Songwriter(s): Parental, Pete Flux
Record Label(s): 2018 Akrom galie Records
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