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They labeled me the name that they all saw fitting
The kid who never got it when the rest were all kidding
I sat in the back of class with my notebook scribbiling
trying to ignore the whole world where im living
stories in my head
I made sure it was all hidden
since back then in my family we followed a religion
I called myself christain
but the church didn't believe it
I was under such stress i just wanted to relieve it
The children made jokes and always laughed at my face
the funny thing about it is they called me a disgrace
The people my own age were adding on to the rage that i bottled in my soul till i put it on a page
And that was eighth grade or middle school was the same
when my freinds messed up
I was the one they blamed
but really it's okay
i'm used to being put last
and i adopted the name for me

I was the screw-up of the century
high school was just a pain
everyone around me said writen lyrics was lame
I was the kid that they picked on in the lunch line daily
The quiet kid in the corner who they all considered crazy
I was alone back in high school almost every single day
I raised my voice too speak but no one heard what I would say
They engraved it in my mind that I would never belong
So I took the stories in my head and wrote them as a song
read all about it
Outcast kid starts to turn profit
Half the people love it
Half the people hate it
They rate it
Degrade it
Just because I made it
They debate the meaning of every word I was saying
and come to the conclusion I only want to be famous
So far from the truth
They judge me too fast
I was perfectly happy being myself
an outcast

Kids I hope you know that your stuck in a wasteland
The world is cut-throat and they'll lay you to waste man
They don't care who you hang with
let alone the fame man
Responsibility to the people you blame man
So watch your back or there might be knives through it
You can't trust everyone
I wish that i'd knew it
Words can scar a person way deeper than fist's can
You have a sword, I have a pen
Lets see whose the real man
I'm socially withdrawn to a room with no windows
No one in
No one out
This is my limbo
Abstraction is the key to this land of oblivion
The world let me go
So heres who I truly am
I'll be fine even if I don't make another freind
I guess that i'll always be the outcast that I was then.

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