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Help Me
It seems like every time I get through to these f*cking people
they look at me like I'm a stranger crying in the fetal.
They tell me that I'm hot I tell them that I'm not but deep down I know I'm as hot as a stove top.

They tell me that I'm strong.
They're singing with every song and
I'm the reason they won't take a hit out of the bong.
But little do they know they are stronger than their own idol,
cause half of these thoughts are borderline suicidal.

And these preachers don't seem to understand
either God's not real or the f*cker was never there.
Because it seems like he never had a second to spare
to answer one stupid little kid with a prayer,
whose brother and mother would be screaming at each other
whose boyfriends would be estranged no wonder.

Whose thoughts would be a pounding no wonder
until he couldn't take it and he hid under his cover.
And his world was collapsing just outside of his door.
His mom and his dad were filing for divorce
they argued every night and it became very apparent
that soon he would be losing yet another set of parents.

So imagine how that all came in his mind when he was nine
how could he know love when fear is all that he finds?
How they split and they never gave a good reason.
How could they let their love die this was such a treason!

Survivor syndrome is what these people label it.
says I shouldn't have lived when my friends couldn't handle it
and with that on my mind I still try to act casual
cause all these f*cked up thoughts make me an animal.

It is impractical for me to feel valuable
in fact that's the only thought of mine that's rational
And I've been used like hell that's how I got here.
To where I'm spitting my writings better than last year.

And I'm a cocky f*ck but I'll admit that,
and if you doubt me then you really betta get back.
It's immature of your to try and bring my mind down.
I've seen my friends fall back while I gained ground.

And I'm no angel I f*cked up and I'm human
but cut me a little slack since I'm caught up in this confusion.
I wanna break down but all these people here are listening.

f*ck it. You can't hear the tears on my cheek glistening.

Help me.
So I scream Help Me.
So I scream Help Me.
Please Help Me.
Help Me.
So I scream Help Me.
So I scream Help Me.
Please Help Me.
Help Me

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