Life Lyrics

Why would our childern
Ever be the things that we are not?
The world around us can not be changed
With a simple thought
It's your duty to be a soldier
Or to DIE if you haven't fought
Now if you're like me
You're sick of this lie
That people have bought
But the people who first sold it to us
The ones that we should blame
Blame your enemy
Or blame your sister
Either way, it's the same

Because times now are changing
Our whole world can be seen rearranging
To fit the fragile pieces
That they say can stop me from raging
But i'm still writing on this page
And nothing is getting any better
Right now i'm just looking for something
To make me feel light as a feather
Some form of escape
From this modern world that is being plauged
And everything that can be seen
That isn't staged

People say that they listen to the facts
And then close their eyes all the same
But when you close them
You are blind
And then your mind can be tamed
This is a world where civil rights
Are seen as less important
Than one's religion
Where being bullied for what you think is FINE
But you don't see them as your brethern
You don't see them as your friends
When really, they are your very own family

Conversations with your peers
Saying "Doing this will really bring out the man in me."
So you push him to the floor
And he's crying, while you SHOUT
But is this the path of your Jesus Christ?
If so... then

Your savior stood for compassion
Accepting others for how they were
Your GOD created you to love everyone...
Gay... Straight
Him... or her

Everyone I speak with nowadays cites scripture
But they won't discuss
Even the devil can cite scripture if he must
For his own purpose

Your savior stood for compassion
Accepting others for how they were
Your GOD created you to love everyone...
Gay... Straight
Him... or her

But don't get started thinking
That i'm against the idea
Of a God above
I'm more against the idea of caring for some
And for others, no love
I'm more against the idea of real hate
For how I look
How I talk
Or how I act
How I think
Or what I believe in your sacred book
Maybe I can be judgemental
And maybe in your eyes
I show SIGNS of being insane
But I promise you now i'm not the only one
Who gets wet when you see the sky rain
So maybe we could put aside the fact
That you and I have seperate ideas
But I will not sit back and watch you do this to ANY of my peers
So if you can not change the way you think
Or at least the way you act
I don't think that you will have a part in my life
And that statement is a fact

Equality is a right
Everyone else deserves it just as much as you
Freedom is a basic need
And love is something we all should do
If someone doesn't see that
Then that someone doesn't see
If someone doesn't need that
Then that someone doesn't need

Now these are just some words on paper
That may describe how you feel
But they couldn't change your life...
That's done by your very own free will
But the world is changing rapidly
And it's time you catch up to it
It's not my job to make you start
But it is to help you realise this

Think of those people you call friends
Who you help when ever they're need
Thinking they ask out of pure helplessness
And not asking with only greed
So you agree to do
What they need to do
Until everything is done
But once you give them what they need...
The same people will leave you with...


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