Ways Of The World
Lone Catalysts


Ways Of The World Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Every man want to live, no man want to die
Words I can't deny, to my life it does apply
It was July and I was with my cutie pie
On the way to the store, it was 2:35
I remember it clear, because that night (?) appear
At a spot on (?), primetime
It was me, my girl, under the moonlight shine
Holding hands intertwined
That's when I heard from behind a voice
But nothing familiar to any face that I can place
So suddenly calm feelings turned to haste
It's time to motivate but I'm stepping without a weapon
When anything can happen in just a second
So now I'm checking behind the fine
A suspect on a crime
Only to see there were two, what it do?
Grabbed the closest empty bottle of brew
Told my girl run to my apartment get blue
Cracked the bottle on the gate
A block from my block because I see through, now I'm straight
I feel one, ours now even so I now dear one
He must've been short because he's seen his man book
Which made the plan look, worse for him
But yo he broke speed of university into the night
Son didn't want it, and probably mad that he done it

Because the ways of the world are trife
Everybody see the pie, wanna take a slice
That's why I'm just trying to live my life
That's why I'm just trying to live my life
Because the ways of the world are trife
Every chance you take is like the roll of the dice
That's why you just gotta live your life
That's why you just gotta live your life

[Verse 2]
Because these days are strange
When small change adds up to a black range
In the pity advance you acquire for your rap slang frontin'
Your whole crew saying how you act strange stuntin'
A million dollar man wearing wack frames something
Doesn't add when your residence is your mom's pad
But you steady claiming you the don here
Shortie open (?) from the bar to the car
You's a star
Playboy whipping the double r
Too busy talking about how you clocking that shit on
That you told (?) to roll the tree in the cigar
She looking at you like word
Cause in her mind, you a herb
Get a room, (?) suites, do not disturb on the door
You hit the pure once three times more
You think woah, ain't never felt like this before
But don't lose your composure because you a soldier
At least that's what you told her
As soon as you start hitting fell asleep on her shoulder
Down for the count like Leon Spinks but out colder
Shortie was slyer than the fox like motor
Laced the L with the (?) sliced the (?) down your grill
As a reminder you need to chill
Plus she took the keys to your automobile
Now she's whoopin (?) cha cha (?)


[Verse 3]
Ayo, I don't really know, I think somebody said
That surviving in the world can really mess with your head
I don't know
Still maintain the fighter though
Make my move go high to low
Like uneven divided dough
When I was on the short end
Like playing defense Michael Jordan
My cypher shorten
Only familia I'm supportin'
Most important, family and business mix it up
Until we tip the cup filled with success and sip it up
Gotta grip the plush, spread it around, we headed to town
Whipping up up puss, deluxe digital sound
But not the bubble cuz everyday seem like the struggle
Plus troubles double leaving you stuck with no rebuttal
Every move is subtle so the attack makes it harder to adapt
Which is right behind your back
The freaks come out crevice and cracks at night black
Be wearing the ice pack from beef, it's like that
Can't play the right track when the wrong is twice that
That's backwards
In this world, cream's the factor
From chapters to crackers
To computer hackers, slackers, rappers, backpackers, the rapture
We're all up in it
So much loot but who can spend it?
That's why God comes first as it was intended


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Record Label(s): 2002 B U K A Entertainment
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