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X-tinction Lyrics

(The entire country is on the verge of
erupting into racial violence and bloodshed
Simply because 20 million ex-slaves
are demanding freedom, justice and equality
here in America from their former slavemasters
20 million so-called 'negroes'
second class citizens
seeking human dignity
seeking human rights
seeking the right to live in dignity as a human being
And rather than give genuine respect and recognition
to your cry for human rights
the American white man answers your non-violence with violence)

One time for your mind
Two times for your ear
(This is X-Tinction, y'all
Cause I got a firm belief)
One time we gonna shine
(They tryin to get rid of us)
Two times for the year

Yo, I was ridin one day on 10th Avenue
Headed to a tree spot that I travel to
Usually two times a week, grab a bag or two
To head over to the lab is what I had to do
Goin in and out of lanes while I blast Badu
Drinkin from a apple tree, sip on a flask of juice
Talkin to nanny on the cell in Boston, Massachus'
J. gon' be back this way like a month and a half or two
Then out of nowhere po-po started flashin blue
Pulled up behind, so I let off the gas and knew
That I didn't do a thing, they just harrassin, true
Put my spliff in my stash and my cash in too
Sonny came up to the window, started askin: do
We have a license and insurance, I said, "Gladly do"
Gave it to him, rolled up my glass half-view
He said, "Are you from around here?" "Just passin through"
Just the typical question they be askin you
But he took my answer as some form of attitude
So he told me to step out into the avenue
Put my hands on the roof is what I had to do
I said, "Why you mad at me? I'm not mad at you"
He said, "I hate you f*ckin niggers and your bastards too"
"Plus I hate your rap music and your fashion too"
"But I love it when my gunshots blast at you"
"And I love when we arrest a whole mass of you
Cause already we locked up about half of you"
Then I thought: man, these whiteys want our asses through
Man, they wish we were extinct, and with a passion, too

[ad libs]

Aiyo, laws and legislation passed strictly for makin
A black man's existance grow scarce throughout the nation
I seen it in flicks, hicks with darts and nite sticks
Rushin niggas in the '60s when bein black was risky
Couldn't vote, couldn't hope for better times to come through
They hit you with the 1-2, shot you or hung you
A grewsome sight that plants fear in the men and the young too
It was that way for decades, no way to say it's untrue
Just like they gave smallpox to the Indians
They gave us crack cocaine, told us sell that shit to any man
Lookin like yourself cause it's wealth indeed
But forgot to warn us first, there's no health in greed
So to my blacks killin blacks, Latinos and Japs
Poor white trash too, rich ones no haps
Nowadays you either dead or in a house of correction
If you're not, it's a blessin, so follow my lesson
All men are seen as equal in the eyes of the Creator
So many different races on all sides of the Equator
It's really not about who's lesser, who's greater
It's more about who's the player, who's the player-hater
Ashanti chiefs worked right along with slavetraders
Sellin prisoners they captured from wars with their neighbors
Reminds me of today, you gotta practise survival
Once the man turns your brother into a rival

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Songwriter(s): Jermaine Sanders

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