Settle The Score
Lone Catalysts


Settle The Score Lyrics

[J. Sands]
You know what, man?
A lot of people think they can rap, man
You know?
Think they be rhymers and all this and this
Just because of what they got
Just cause of what they drive
But they don't understand, man
This is poetry
This is a artform
This is what we do
If you can't do it, it don't matter +what+ you got
Check it out

[J. Sands]
Let me talk for a moment and discuss all the perimeters
The real reason why MC's remain amateur
Just examine the delivery and stamina
Focus in like a camera, see what I'm handin ya
Is the recipe, the basics and neccessities
For those who's blessin thee, mic, but too aggressively
Relax, man, let it come natural, feel the ecstacy
When you're holdin the mic, you should expect to be
In a mindframe that 'no one can stand next to me'
Blowin spots is the destinies of the best MC's
And the rest? Well, they settle for less
Here's a 'classic example' like A Tribe Called Quest
We got jokers in the industry who never paid dues
Cause their cousin brother mother knew somebody who knew
And you know how that goes, political, and it's critical
The charts are full of MC's who lyrically are pitiful
That's like sayin analog would sound better than digital
Rap is outta control, this why this time is pivotal
For us to make a change from the youngest to the oldest
Humblin these cats who swear up and down they the coldest
Frontin like they're boldest when they know they cannot hold this
If you can't protect your neck then you just be head and shoulders
I swear, cause these lyrics comin sharp like shear
So put my name up in your mouth, I double-dare you, yeah

[CHORUS: J. Sands]
Yeah, some MC's are rich, yeah, some MC's are poor
But none of that will be a factor once we settle the score
So we can do it like this or do it like that
Cause it don't matter where you're are because I bring it where you're at

[VERSE 2: J. Sands]
I heard some MC's wanna get down
Put your shit down and have a sit-down
Forget the studio and the mixdown
It's time to set it, you talkin loud without the credit
You clean like a radio edit
You couldn't tell that the styles that I use are embedded like Dyanetics
Rhymes on time like FedEx
Alert the medics, it's about to get messy
Dirty like an SP-1200, backdoor like alley hoops
It's the way I enter ciphers, spark it like a lighter
Freestyles off the top for herbs and rhyme biters
J. Sands, focusin 360 degrees
With my plans for revolution, for land and currency
But for now I'm in the Pittsburgh streets
In all the sections cause in my section
I make moves like I was destined
To be a visualser with deep thoughts perplexin
Detection negative force in all directions
Usin microphones to broadcast suggestions
Of devil wizardry and black folk mysery
MC's fallin captive because their skills are not adaptive
I rock the East Coast and every city on the atlas
You paranoid, actin all sheist around your boys
Didn't use your own style, so you use the decoy
Now you're shadowed by a character you cannot destroy
Check your reflection, your whole concept needs an inspection


[VERSE 3: J. Sands]
You can take it personal or consider this strictly business
Allah's my witness, I got the knack for lyric fitness
Have you duckin me like I was a Jehova Witness on your front porch
You know the repertoire, kid, you don't want more
Okay then what you run for, your ego's crushed, now you at the gun store?
Countin your chances hopin for one more
Sayin to yourself, 'I'm gonna get Sands', a slick plan
You never shoulda thought up, now you gettin nada
God don't like ugly so as you proceeded to plug me
????? Goretex boots and rugbies
A 'frantic situation' like the Zulu Nation
You shoulda used ???? they help you balancin your p.h.'in
Snake type tactics, curse all those who practice
If it comes around, then it goes around on the axis
A powerfull impact make your ??ass back??
After no one will ever wanna touch you like a cactus
The law of the shady, be it and then you'll see it
Reflected by three-fold from the way which you directed
It, to put it simple, you just need to quit
You just a mediocre rhymer but you still talk shit
You just a mediocre rapper and you still talk shit
It don't matter what your name is, you can still get dissed


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Songwriter(s): Jermaine Sanders, Jason Rawls
Publisher(s): James And Pat Music, Fifty Two Scadoo
Record Label(s): 2001 B U K A
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