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Unity Lyrics

[Intro (talking)]

[Verse 1]
I hustle and I grind when it's time to get mine
Two steps ahead, never behind
If my dreams come to pass, I'm gonna hook up my whole staff
Can't be stiff, want my people to hold math
Like my Uncle John, he gotta be the coolest of the coolest
Cause sometimes cats act foolish and let the money rule us
I want a career that last long like Don Shula's
When I was a child my people shot her-on and puff oola
But my mom, she was strong, showed us right from wrong
Crossed too many paths, I might not live that long
So I stayed to the narrow, on point like an arrow
And prayed DJs would play my music like Mighty Sparrow
When I got to the level of a MC rebel
Carry cans of kick-ass and have the empty several
No sell-out, before the right percent we settle
See I'm righteous, so you can't tempt me devil

So lift up your lighter, put your flame in the sky
Make the people think that it's the 4th of July tonight
It's a celebration, time for elevation
That will spread throughout the nation
So put all that worry, all that stress to the side
Lift up your lighter, put your flame in the sky tonight
It's a celebration, time for elevation
That will spread throughout the nation

[Verse 2]
I've seen many days rainy, cloudy, mad sunny
Every penny pays so my science is the math sonny
You can take everything except my craft from me
All these labels wanna play my ass like the last dummy
So I built with my man Rawls and we planned all
Important moves to make haters lick their damn balls
Cause if I had a quarter for every person that said
That I couldn't rock a rhyme or freestyle off the head
I'd be Bill Gates and still making raps with real statements
I spit rhymes in the mind of our youth to kill Satan
Cause the evil in this hood because sometimes evil seems good
For survival, that's why people hustle, because it's vital
It's all about the dough, get it at break neck speed
Shorties know that mathematics, that a brick is a key
To unlock the better days, that's street addition, you see?
But yo the way these whiteys act it's like they sniffin' the D
Brought us to this land and had us niggas trickin' for free
If you agree, then stop, look, and listen to me
Cause I'm like Moses at the sea letting the Israelites free
All you gotta do is move a closer distance to see

So lift up your lighter, so everyone can get a view
Of the Lone to the Cata, Cata with the U
N-I-T-Y, unity for you and I


[Verse 3]
My brother's name is Jimmy, that's Jimmy Sanders
My younger sister Shana Dana is a dancer
Every rhyme I write is nicer than Ned Flanders
The grand commander, 50's great like Alexander
So you wanna talk shit to me?
Don't even do that
I put that on my niggas, big ash and blue blacks
Here's a true fact, playing this game on my new act
Calm under pressure, maintaining, while you crack
Into pieces, yo I turn men to meeces
Nigga you know what I mean, my slang's been in thesis
For all y'all cats biting, reciting, what I'm writing
Fighting like a titan, from night until it lightens
I ask to God just, because like lady ma bust this
Who hold it down pound for pound just like us
On all levels, we stand out like a bezel
Shining, yeah it's Lone Cat with perfect timing


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Record Label(s): 2002 B U K A Entertainment
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