Ride Out Lyrics

[Intro: Layzie]
Yeah, hoe-ass niggaz hatin for no apparent reason at all
Niggaz ain't got shit else to do
This is the topic of the f*ckin matter
You niggaz got issues man

[Chorus: Layzie Bone + ad libs]
Better ride out, nigga better ride out
You better ride out, nigga better ride out
You better ride out, nigga better ride out
You better ride out, nigga better ride out
We them niggaz bustin guns like bang bang bang
We them niggaz up in rides like bang bang bang
We them niggaz bustin guns like bang bang bang
We them niggaz up in rides like bang bang bang

[Keef G:]
Hit 'em up with the bang-bang, let it off, nigga let your speakers blow
Mash on the po-po, get gone so swangin by the liquor sto'
Gotta get my head right, walkin right, watch these motherf*ckers get paid tonight
We reserved your flight, show starts tonight
Better believe we bound to get high tonight
Nigga Bum and the Bone Thug, Mo Thug, ThugLine comin out the cut, cut
Mash and flash nigga, grabbin our nuts, down for dirty, nigga that's what's up
f*ckin with the street shit, real shit kinda make it difficult to even get with
For this handle my crew, I crack another of brew
I tell you to give the finger to the boys in blue
This chosen few, got a black eye get to hide out
Gotta blap pap-pap when we ride out
Silly-ass nigga what you talkin about?
Every chance you get, nigga runnin a mouth
Turnin 'em out, make 'em bow down cause we say so, them punks better lay low
Got my nigga Lay go on the block six-fo' with a glock fo'-fo', don't hurt 'em bro!


[Layzie Bone:]
Doin all that talkin, all of that flossin get a nigga laid up in the coffin
Niggaz ain't livin it like they walkin, niggaz ain't doin no bitin they barkin
When it comes to the thugs just chalk it, nigga this Mo Thug, ThugLine bosses
Niggaz ain't thinkin that they gon' cross us
'member we takin no shorts, no losses
Step in my office, right behind the buildin, every day a nigga makin a killin
Thug life, drug life, totin pipes, that's how we chillin
Robbin and stealin, nigga done marked his territory
Claim every block and every corner, welcome to my Thugsta story
Tried a job but the shit was boring, plus it didn't make a nigga ends meet
Rival thugs and punk police, got a nigga bein all friendly
See in my community, we ain't built on trust, we ain't built on peace
Between you and me, if you don't want beef better cross that street


[Layzie Bone:]
In the middle of the drama, I'm the one that'd bomb ya, don't mean to alarm ya
Eatin niggaz alive like a pack of piranhas, more drama than yo' baby mama
Ain't never been calmer, plus I heard about karma, just figured I'd warn ya
From the O-H down back to California, nigga heated heavy like a knight in armor
Perfectly honest, I don't want no drama so nigga just leave
Let it do it hit your back with a little
Split you at while you still standin on yo' feet, feet
You don't want no run-in with me mayne, nuts hang
You don't want it come down to that bang bang bang
Line 'em up and nigga knock 'em down, little bitty ol' me go pound for pound
Round for round I'm a show a nigga how to bury you under the ground
When the thunder sound off, and leave these niggaz dead again
I'm a be the one standin like I'm a Vietnam veteran
Don't try to press your luck, I don't wanna f*ck you up
Cause I got a lot to lose, I ain't tryin to lose my buzz
If I get fed up, better find somewhere to hide out
These killas of mines don't let up, so nigga you better just ride out


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Record Label(s): 2006 Siccness net
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