Po Po Lyrics

[Chorus x2: Layzie Bone]
You can run but you can't hide, they'll find ya
When you think you got 'em shook they only, two steps behind ya
The po-po over here (here) the po-po over there (there)
Nigga runnin outta time cause po-po got you, you surrounded

[Layzie Bone:]
Lil' Ronny hit the ground runnin, when he saw the po-po comin
Always into somethin, they said he'd never amount to nothin
Push his buttons if you wanna, nigga was crazy with a temper
Been hustlin on the corner, ever since I can remember
There was a cold day in November, I remember all I seen was Timberlands
Racin across the snow, twenty below, pistol in his hand
Saw him toss his bag of rocks as he passed me
I ain't bullshittin with the quickness, he blew right past me (Ronny what's wrong?)
Then the cops came rushin through, damn near knocked me to the ground
Kicked the dope to the curb swiftly as I spinned around
Picked it up, went in the house cause he done brought them coppers out
Sirens blarin everywhere, Lil' Ronny's super hot
Brushed it off like, "That boy a damn fool"
Grabbed a brew up outta the cooler, and turned on the news
What did I see? Lil' Ronny on TV (what what?)
To my amaze I took a sip of beer and fell in my seat (God-damn)
That's when I'm thinkin to myself, "What the f*ck did he do? "
News flash, Ronny Sanders on the 11 o'clock news
And as they makin the announcement, they tradin gunfire
Show these niggaz in a Regal now with one blew tire
He wanted, for a murder? This nigga from my block
Aww shit, he done killed, a undercover cop
Nigga, you'd better keep runnin cause you just committed suicide
(Suicide, it's a suicide) He goin down whether dead or alive


[Layzie Bone:]
Okay we back from commercial break, Lil' Ronny ain't got no time to waste
He runnin, yeah he runnin and Lil' Ronny runnin outta space
And they trapped him by the lake, just before he jumped in
He aimed at the helicopter, nigga started dumpin!
He couldn't swim, they fished him out with a net
They cuffed him up for the long one, caught him drippin wet
On trial for a murder that he couldn't forget
Yeah, he went to jail, but that wasn't shit
He on trial now, he in denial now
Got a one-way ticket to Hell, to Hell
Cuffed up, f*cked up, got a story to tell
I hope his family sent him some mail, some mail
... They gave him the electric chair
And just before they sent him there
First came his brother, then came Suzie
The bitch came in with a sub-machine uzi
Like, suicide, that was suicide
Suicide, that was suicide
Suicide, that was suicide
Biddy-bye-bye, biddy-bye-bye, biddy-bye-bye (that was suicide)


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Record Label(s): 2006 Siccness net
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