For The Thugs That's Gone Lyrics

[Layzie Bone:]
Layzie Bone, representin for all my fallen soldiers

I keep my, feet on the concrete, and I ride for the cause
That's why this opportunity still knockin like I would in my balls
Forever the, hood in me dawg, and yeah the law is still trailin
Been some time since I been drug sellin, they labeled me a thug felon
And at least they think so, see me rollin in my Benzo drivin
I-90 East on the freeway, po-po and they wanna stop me
They see me leave the projects, pick up suspicious objects
My cousin Skano had that sticky green so I went to cop it
They always f*ckin with me, just got a Denali truck
They hate that I'm it with the windows tinted, finna roll this up
And I know they hate to see me, they smell the leather on me
As soon as they ask me for license I'm quick to flash it on 'em
And sure done rollin 'em proper, cause dawg I learned my lesson
Big Wally told me to get legit so I can roll with weapons
And I pray the Lord he bless 'em, I pray he R.I.P.
Forever I'm holdin down your legacy in these streets

[Chorus: Layzie - singing]
So we pour this liquor out
For the thugs that's gone, for the thugs that's gone
And if you feelin what we talkin about
Then you know we mourn, and you know it's on
Even though they all gone home
You know life goes on, and it won't be long
'til we see each other again
It goes on and on on, and on and on on

[Layzie Bone:]
We wanted the money and the power, remember how quick it all came?
Little hustlers gettin it, makin that dough, already we thick in the game
We thought we as slick as they came, a little bit sick and deranged
Doin thangs, did not seem strange, I can't explain but we had to bang
And your name we keep it poppin, them polished pimpin playas
Represent from everywhere, my niggaz from the Clair
We keep on movin, movin, if I happen to be who next
Just keep on movin, movin, makin these niggaz give respect
Cause I'm that worldwide baller now, and everywhere I go
I keep my heat right by my side, in case y'all ain't know
We wouldn't do shit to start some drama, man we riders for real
Layin our freedom on the line, tryin to provide us a meal
And I'm makin mil's, sellin mil's off record deals, still in the hood
Nigga Troy, Hollywood, Little Boo, it's all good
We love y'all and miss y'all, Tombstone from Mo Thug
You my dawg, and sho' enough, and you know when I show love (that's right)


[Layzie Bone:]
This life is tricky, ain't it? Pictures painted, tainted and distorted
It's like these memories all I have, so I report it and record it
Remember that baby she was gorgeous, not a flaw in the world
But she left us and went to Heaven, oh precious, that beautiful little girl
See we can take it for granted, cause it ain't promised
Never know just how this life is gon' be
Better take advantage as much as you can manage
Cause if you damage it this is all it's gon' be - trust me
Too many celebrities perish, these people we love and cherish
And I had a chance to met Aaliyah, but I was too embarrassed
And I should've took that chance, I heard that from a man
Jam Master Jay was so real, y'all niggaz don't understand
He told me to handle my busniess, make sure I pay my taxes
A little advice from a legend to keep my paper stackin
And I gotta give props to Eazy, that nigga put me on
If he didn't believe in the Thugs, y'all wouldn't have heard of Bone

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2006 Hi Power Entertainment
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