Murder Lyrics

[Layzie Bone:]
Nigga! I step in this bitch
And commence to get live, niggaz they know
When that nigga Layzie be ready to set off the ride
Surprise, nigga I'm cockin the fo'
You cocky with flow, you gotta go
Still in the show and my rhyme is my ammo
My life is the barrel and it's lettin it loose
And I'm playin you pussies like f*ckin pianos
You niggaz can't handle what I've got to offer
Life is a gamble, I'm bettin you softer
You claimin you ridin but we know you walkin
Run around town doin nothin but talkin
Yup, they wanna take you serious
It ain't no bass in your voice, it ain't clear enough
They don't feel it, feel it, feel it, feel it
But on the contrary, I'm the realest realest, realest of all
Runnin the game, I'm runnin it all
Layzie been about love, Layzie Bone been in the streets
I keep it so hood, I keep it so gutter, there's no nigga realer than me
I figured I'd mention that twice, I'm a put that on my life
You niggaz ain't ready, you niggaz ain't comin, you niggaz gon' pay the price
Wanna play then roll the dice, f*ck around and be crappin out
L-Burna start stabbin now to show you niggaz what's happenin now

[Chorus: sample of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony's "Mo' Murda"]
Mo' murda, mo' murda
Mo-mo-mo' murda, mo' murda (nigga!)
Mo' murda, mo' murda
Mo-mo-mo' murda, mo' murda

Ay... now I be, leanin like a muh'f*cker, bitches on the dick
Cause a nigga spent, three or fo' hun'ed on them muh'f*ckin kicks
With the stars on 'em, nope, not Comp's cousin
I'm beyond buzzin, I'm drunk-ass Dom's cousin
Quit all that talkin on back to Boston and get it nigga
Dippin in the streets of California where I'm livin nigga
Sittin in the drop-top, leanin with the glock cocked
Yeah my block hot, so if I gotta I'm a pop shots
Hit the spot and do my thang, in the streets they know my name
It's big dirty money, gotta get it, I suggest that you do the same
Spend dough on e'rythang, put chrome on e'rythang
All day, e'ry day, and I knock hoes on e'rythang
No spare change, big face bills is all I'm countin here
You niggaz is just playin with the game, I'm really out here
Out here, countin G's, from the Midwest to the South to the East
I'm doin my thang, you'd best believe
In restin in these Californian palm trees, yeah


[Layzie Bone:]
If it ain't one thang, it's another
So I pray for the best, prepare for the worst
I done done thangs I didn't wanna
So it's get rich now or ride that hearse
Whatever come first I'm a put in work
Gotta smoke the dirt, and I done smoked the purp'
Been a long time comin, yeah I dealt with yours
Gotta keep it trill for whatever it's worth
You niggaz is trippin
If you thinkin Bone ain't got no love in these streets
You niggaz is slippin
Cause shit'd be different if it really wasn't for me
We done brought them harmonies, mixed it with greasy flows
Not only Eazy know, my nigga Nemo know
Layzie been about love, Layzie Bone been in the streets
I keep it so hood, I keep it so gutter, there's no nigga realer than me
You feelin me? I'm a gorilla these beats, can a nigga get a witness?
Hey Steve, somebody better call the doctor I think I done caught a sickness
I'm a spread it like an infection through your speaker system, speaker system on yo' net, and I bet we get 'em
Hit 'em, hard... and I bet he gon' fall
And if I can't knock him off, nigga Nemo break him off like

[Chorus x2]

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Record Label(s): 2006 Siccness net
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