2 Step Lyrics

[Intro: Thin C.]
It's the sexy and the thuggish (thuggish)
It's the sexy and the thuggish (thuggish)
Two step (two step) two step (step) and shake (woo)
Uhh, two step (two step) two step (step) and shake

[Thin C.:]
From N.Y. to L.A. thugs do play
From Cleveland to sexy M-I-A
Time to roll up and get smoky
I be with the seedless kush fluffies
From Popular Copy like they're okay
Original M-O, T-H-U-G's
These lames that got beef, we like "Yeah bitch please"
See the two glocks, you don't want none of these
The trigger finger's contagious like a bad disease
Get you tossed out like a bag of seeds
Ma brain can only comprehend the color green
If you ain't 'bout that then you won't be seen
The sexiest mami can be found on our team
T-shirt and panty parties, with Thin C.
And Lay' Bone, we stay gone
Can't even remember the November I been home, two-steppin on

[Chorus: D.J. Dre Ghost (Thin C.)]
All my ladies (ladies)
All my playas (where my playas at?)
All my thugs (yo where my thugs at?)
All my gangstas (uhh, gangstas c'mon)
Two step (uhh, uhh, a-c'mon)
Two step (uhh, uhh, a-c'mon)
Two step (uhh, a-c'mon-c'mon-c'mon)
Two step - what? What? (uhh, a-c'mon)

[Layzie Bone:]
Terror Squad got you +Leanin Back+, let me introduce the next
All of you ladies shake yo' body while my dawgs do the step
Keep it bouncin 'til you sweat, got the flow hotter than the heater
Take yo' shirt off in the club, nigga wear that wife beater
If you really glad to meet her grab her hips and slow grind
Back it up and let it drop, oh man that ass is so fine
Man if she dancin with her thong showin, twistin like she hoein
A freaky ass school teacher niggaz ain't knowin
She said she like the way I two step, and she wanna learn
Side to side baby girl I'm finna sweat out your perm
Let yo' friends get a turn, it's enough to go round
Steppin with two bad biches, it's about to go down
We in the club tonight, we poppin bottles tonight
And both of y'all comin with me long as you love me right
This is a thug's delight, don't throw no salt just pepper
If she ain't comin to kick it with the next two-steppers, c'mon


[Layzie Bone:]
Now bend yo' knees twice dip and dippin, one foot to the back you dippin
Slip it to the front and push up on it 'til you feel the kitten
Catch it like a catcher's mitt, on yo' mind you wanna hit it
Get it man don't babysit it, especially if you wanna get it
Don't forget to get the digits, call her up and let her know
You was that big dick, thug nigga steppin out on the danceflo'
Never blow your chance bro, invite her to the club again
This time bring the icky-sticky green, and a bottle of Henn'
Share it with her girlfriend, spin her like a whirlwind
Plus you never show no ends, gon' and flash them dividends
Plus she know you ridin Benz, indication baller status
Whisper in her ear like "Baby girl I gots to have it" (I gots to have it)
She just had me, you know what that means
You got a bad new bitch 'bout to ride on yo' team
So after the club close baby know the party resume
It'll be you and two bitches steppin up to yo' room

[Chorus x3]

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Songwriter(s): Amefika Williams, Howse
Publisher(s): Phat Groov Music
Record Label(s): 2005 Mo Thugs Records
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