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Stressed Out
Knox Hill
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Stressed Out Lyrics

Verse 1:
Broke in debt
They telling me no hope is left
I'm feelin like the rope is set
I'm chokin on these figures
Start to sweat
I, gave all I had can't pay that back
My Name's in the trash don't play that track
This pain's all I have let it I fade to black
I paint in on my fences
Build my walls up so defensive
Got my armor on with each and every 'sentence';
You go be the 'judge' with a gavel
In these clubs - I get hassle
Do what I lovŠµ
It's a battle
But they could never see the things 'I've seen'
I put my 'ghosts' up in these bars
Sometimes I wish that I could scream
These cuts may heal they still leave scars
These words are how I bleed
I listen back to all these tracks and swear( that isn't me
It ain't
It can't be
'Broken legs'
Can't 'stand me'
In my head
I'm rambling
Still I feel like rambo
With this lead that is my ammo
As I pencil out this cammo
Hidden meanings I depict in every line
And I just hope you read the hieroglyphics all in time
Barely in mine
Alien mind
I've been feelin great
I've been feelin great
I've been feelin great

I know that that's a lie
Lately I've been feelin weight
This stress all on my shoulders
How much more of can I take?
This pain rolls like a boulder tryna shoulder my mistakes

So turn that music down
Got me stressed out
I said turn that music down
Got me stressed out

Verse 2:
See when Nic passed away he said don't you ever quit (yea)
But I been feelin 'half' since my mom and pops 'split'
Don't know if I'm just empty
So I empty out this fifth
It's been tempting to just end things
But who's gon' tell my kids?
I know that I got enemies
I empty out this clip
Got that devil in my eardrum
Tryna tempt me to get rich
Been down that road but I never turn back
I would never sell my soul for the stacks
I would rather burn my cash on the tracks
Fill my casket full of raps on racks
Pages full of passion
Clear the lobby
I make rap like its a heartbeat
You react like it's a hobby
This my life
There's no rewinding
It's all mine
There's no cosigning
I don't spit for 'algorithms'
No cheat codes
For how I'm feelin
I just give it how I'm given
Still believe in God
But if you 'cross me' I'm a 'sinner'
See every mark and every loss
Has marked me as a winner
So when I'm dead and gone
Lay these verses out as scripture
Said when I'm dead and gone
I hope these verses you'll remember

Is this how I lay
I'm fading far away
Fading far away
So take my past just let me go
I been down this road
I been down this road before
Yea I been stuck in holes
But when I hit that stop sign at the-end
I'ma drive through it!
Tear apart this paper
Split this fear with all my anger
Look in the mirror
There's a stranger
What do I fear
Am I in danger
I don't know..
No no no
I'm afraid of letting go
Yet I'm afraid of being whole
Or is it holes man I don't know
Cuz that's just more that can be ripped apart
When-the-world turns cold
I confess that I am froze
Count my blessings with these woes
I've been stressed out from my foes
God has tested me for sure
But who I am and what I was
Has both been left outside door
Step up in the booth
Full clip lit hit it up
I could give my liver
And the critics wouldn't give it up
Cut my heart out
Still they'd say I didn't 'give enough'
Go fill up my cup
There's only so much you can take
Before you burst a vein
Wish I could turn the volume down inside my brain
And mute the pain
Before I fade away

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Songwriter(s): Knox Hill
Record Label(s): 2020 569892 Records DK
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