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Chaos Theory
Knox Hill
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Chaos Theory Lyrics

There's a lot of words that I left in my ear
Don't matter what I write, I go left and veer
Don't follow my lines, there's no exit here
Got it triggered in my mind and the weapon's fear (Shh)
I read my comments daily (Yeah)
These conmen wanna call me crazy
Call me Shady, call me Brady
Call me anything you like, it don't faze me, fade me
'Til I touch down on your playlist, say it
Stay in my lane, but I'm driven these days (Skrrt)
Life gave me that shift, working minimum wage
Making minimum gigs, turning criminal ways
Try to fill up my gauge 'til I kill 'еm with the pages
A million that I hate, I hеar 'em, bill 'em for the angst
Ain't feelin' my name when I spill it, I'm vein
I bleed my blood for this game (Yeah)
I see no love for this lane (Nah)
When it's all drugs, put a buzz in my name
Come and thick my thoughts, let me cut my brain
Let me light these thoughts, try to stuff my pace
Man, f*ck yo' sense, who sent for you lames?
I'm winning self-made, my gimmick's my pain, I'm paid
If we value knowledge, I'm Saudi princes
I'm printin' cents and a naughty business
No Cardi B's and no Megan stripping (Nah)
Girl, selling fees, I'll let 'em sell you these
All filler bars like they felonies (Woo)
Why don't you body beats? But nobody listens
So instead, I see bodies on Insta? (Uh)
Don't count the likes, don't follow pictures
f*ck these hollow tips, let 'em swallow spitters
This one's for the real MT's, I'm not a rapper, I'm a real MC
I don't have no tails, I'm a human being
I admit the mess and I sell it clean
Yeah, I know I'm nice and I tell it mean
I'll make an offer, you sellin' memes, that's jealousy (Hmm)
I'm makin' my stand, but you want to cripple me
Tell me I'm a guest and try to little bro me
Actin' like they know it's hot, but that shit is low-key
Don't poke at me ho, I got dopamine flows
She's picked up on me coach and she know the team froze
You don't know [nobody told?] when the scope of your ghost
Leave you choked on a rope when we [expose and he?] folds
You want smoke? I'm lung cancer (Yeah)
Stage four, already done my damage (Yeah)
I spit cells, already done my samples (Nah)
Fillin' my bars, make a wish, blow the candles
If you knew, welcome back
It's [?] body, old school, I'm in a different class
Don't tell me I'm gas, I got Nas in the back
All I need is more mic and I'm still at it
When I spit, run it slick, leavin' Stillmatic
Transmission my stick, I'm automatic
Ask me what I signed, I don't autograph shit
I'm [?], that's a lie, get the polygraph, bitch
I'm an Audi on the autobahn, they all on my drip, tell 'em shift
I'm 'bout to blow like the low floors of the World Trades
Kamikaze, stay high like I fly two planes
I don't rap like 50 Cent, but I spit loose change
It's an inside job when I blow my brains (Yeah)
Stainin' my mind with these stainless lines
When I mention my name for that nameless shine
Got me all on your mind, thank me for the time
I ain't even pay rent, motherf*cker, that's fine (That's fine)
Ay, minus stats for the trap that you trapped in
Never see me when I pass you has-been
Next time you wanna phone, say, "Hi" (Hi) to the one's whos tapped in
I guess it's why I rap 'cause they track my pen
NSA on my lap again, I ain't cappin' it
Got us all in chains like an African
Inunaki masses; I don't rap for them
They want to cut me short like an acronym
They don't see my wave, try to back me in, but now it's back to this
Listen, hear it clearly, butterfly effect, chaos theory
They make money while we call for change
When we chasin' paper, they print the change
Liquidize your dreams, well, they meant the gains
And they train us all to go and get the pace
So the same shit, but on a different day
I'm tryna teach y'all to walk a different way (Ay)
We stay broke, you ain't woke (Nah)
If you retweet or you hashtag, if you share me
Like you clap back (Nah), don't snapback, 'cause it's all cap
Aren't you a soda? You ain't all that
Live like the summit 'til you fall back
This life's a maze and we all rats (Yeah)
So when you get that cheese, we'll be all trapped

Welcome to Chaos Theory

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Songwriter(s): Knox Hill
Record Label(s): 2020 569892 Records DK
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