Checkmate Lyrics

[Verse 1: Knox Hill]
Thank you
For everything you never said to me
Everything that I would think
Sink deep on the brink lose sleep
But I'd dream of that piece
That'd I'd put to your teeth
You pleaded
I pulled it
Watch you bleed on these streets
That raised me
Brains on the pavement
Sprayed in repayment
f*ck you hip hop
You made me
Lost generation
Lost in the costs
And the price for the playlist
Little bit o Ritalin fill it in
Feeling ill again so I fill it with
Reelin in delirium
A little more librium will fill my equilibrium
I'm delirious
No I'm serious (Sirius)
Black are my thoughts and thеse scars bring pain
These Dark Lords of Big Pharma 'Must Not Bе Named'
Ring ‘a ring a' ring em round it's roses
Smile pretty till the thorn exposes
It's all crowns till the crown deposes
And these downs expose
Holes in our soldiers
These souls at war
Regicide the culture
Rest in peace young Kings:
Mac n Juice
999 was the devil flipped round
But did God look down
[Chorus: Knox Hill]
I been thinkin'…I think too much
I been thinkin…I think too much
But is it enough?
These devils in my ear and I fear I been touched
I fear what I've done
But I set plays
These (K)night's when I'm bored (board)
Raise the PIECE
And I test fate

[Verse 2: Hi-Rez]

[Verse 3: Knox Hill]
A nation addicted to painkillers
Plantations enlisted with pain dealers
See the game played with new slave dealers
Enraged at they ways so I paint pictures
But they got me addicted to paint thinner
Settle down settle down
Devil's round
Let em frown
Then set ‘em up with self help
And sedatives
Till you settled in the gournd
They selling' you downs while they setting new high's
While these officials get paid on the sly
Write all the laws that are made from these bribes
Devil's actors activate in white coats
Set up tactics vaccinatin' our throats
Pushin' Narcos, Pablos
Dosin' Oxyco until we choke but we're too doped
To even know or feel it so we hold our nose
They hold our dough and we go dive into the lows like..
Purdue Pharma, Inysys
They twist descriptions pay the doctors
To list prescriptions
Create this opera
While the FDA orchestrates it all
We're really just pawns
[Outro: Knox Hill]
I been thinking
I think too much

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Songwriter(s): Knox Hill, Hi-Rez
Record Label(s): 2021 569892 Records DK
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