Like It Fast Lyrics (feat. Crypt)

Fast life
Knox Hill
Let's go

[Verse 1: Knox Hill]
Petal to the metal where the level never settles
No rock heavy pop gassed up from the ghetto
Got a weapon at my hip, watch me hop in that Corvette, ho
Got that bass with a bump in the trunk
I lift you up like some stilettos
Get you flyin', I'm a devil
See you eyein', I got metal
Think I'm lyin'? I'm Gepetto
Pull the strings my pen-no-cchio
I pen names into these 'nades
Now watch me go and pull the pin
Then you take off like you in Migos
Battle me? Well, I got cheat codes
Gettin' foul? I don't give free throws
Want the smoke? Well come get heat stroke
I don't squash it, I just reload
Sure, I took my knocks, but Hill still spits
I'm ill like fits from poppin' pills
No cap, I'm real, no counterfeits
Paid cash for this, don't counter shit
I clap a chap for lip
This wet work, top get my lift
Auto-shop, bitch, you get bodied
Then I drop you in the crypt (What up?)
Say you got clips, I don't see no action
I fire shit, you don't see til it's passin'
I put you right under my lines, no captions
Got you in my 6, take a shot, no raptors
Say you want death, you missin' ears
If you dissin' me, you disappear
This rapper bring the Rapture
This my rap year, 2020
You can't see me? You can't peep me
That's 'cause I'm so f*ckin high
And to be blunt, you cannot reach me (Roll it)
Stirrin' that pot, but I don't get greasy
Wanna take shots? But it ain't that easy
I'm from PG, I rep DC
Check my license and my lines
I'm from the DMV (Bitch)

[Chorus: Knox Hill]
I been on that real (Uh-huh)
Tell me play the field (Ooh, yah)
But they could never deal (Yeah)
I'm rolling with no wheels (Woo)
You know we like it fast, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
You know we like it fast, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
You know we like it fast, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
You know we like it fast, ayy (Yeah, yeah)

[Bridge: Knox Hill]
We cross lines I gotta state
They tell us to slow down, better pull that f*ckin' brake

[Verse 2: Knox Hill]
I just need a fast car
Drive it like it's NASCAR
I think I need a crash bar
Look at me, a rap star
Started at the bottom of the block
In the middle of Sodom, there was really no bottom
Went and took a problem, turned it into products
Went into Gomorrah, then I said "Sod 'em"
I sold my grass then changed my plot
I started scheming wheels took off
I swerved into that fast lane
Those caps ain't on my tank
Had to get a lease, never on me
Never on E, but I needed gas change
And you know I liked them fast things
I put in miles, gas can
Light a red dot on ya nose like it's Rudolph
Goin' on, bitch, I'm goin' off
I'm no dancer, take advantage
In the back seat, wave my hammer
Colder than the North Pole
Flow froze, runny nose
I got blows, I got blow
Get you buzzing, motherf*cker
No bakin' soda, my shit's raw
Put it on that Hobb, I'm goin' Shaw
Up and down like a see-saw
If I see you, I'm goin' Saw
Cut it off, put me on
They don't want it (Nah, nah)
Dawg, I flaunt it (Yah, yah)
That Uzi mumble (Blah, blah)
Over your head like a noose
I body bag the booth
While they sell lies, we shop the truth
If you want bars, we robbin you (Crypt)

[Chorus: Knox Hill]
I been on that real
Tell me play the field
But they could never deal
I'm rolling with no wheels
You know we like it fast, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
You know we like it fast, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
You know we like it fast, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
You know we like it fast, ayy

[Verse 3: Crypt]
Yeah, you know we like fast
We got both feet on the gas
We swervin' lanes and passing cars
Like they're your features, you asked
I better not catch you on my tailgate
If I do, there'll be hell to pay
Come at you with an elbow to your face
If you choose to intrude and zoom my way, brake check
I'm a dude that is true to my ways
I'm the juice and the fuel to the flame of the game
I'll refute any lame tryna say that they
Are the main dude, like they Bruce Wayne but I'm Bane
We don't do fake friends or the fake shit (Nah)
Or two-face bitches, like a facelift (Yeah)
We're two great men with a cadence
That makes drumlines look basic (Uh-huh)
So, buckle up
We're going for a ride tonight (Uh-huh)
We don't need no drugs
'Cause we high on life (No, sir)
Fast women, fast cars
Fast verses to spit (Uh-huh)
If you try to battle Crypt (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
It'd be me versus a bitch (Uh-huh, uh-huh)
Yeah, you know I like it fast
Me and Knox on the gas (Yes, sir)
0 to 60 in a 6-speed
Let's see them gears when they act (Okay)
Right now I'm in gear one
And we barely moving through (What)
Shift it up to two (What)
Now the pace can pick up and ensue (What, what, let's go)
Can you keep it up? Yeah, the form is tough
It's a struggle for you but we warming up (Uh)
Up to three, I'm a beast on the mic and the stick
Gotta speed it up and bump up one shift (W-W-W-W-Woah)
On to four, and the pedals to the floor
Tried to keep up but you can't no more (Bitch)
On to five, I'm the greatest alive
Time to shift to six and leave none to survive (Let's go!)
I'm the quickest motherf*cker to ever get on the mic (Woo...)
And I'ma kill another spitter if you get up in my sight
And I'ma have them wishing that they didn't get up in my face
Me and Knox Hill, we winning this race (...Hoo!)

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Songwriter(s): Crypt, Knox Hill
Record Label(s): 2020 569892 Records DK
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