Runaway Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Yeah, young girl workin' hard
Barely tryna make it, barely makin' odds
Couldn't find herself, so she tried to find God
Somewhere in the dark, [?]
Tryna find [us?] in the land of the humans
She was a computer, loser, user
Hit with a bullet, couldn't find the shooter
Daddy left home a long time ago
Left momma alone, now we on the road, oh
Life's hard, get the tissues, when it all hit you
Broken, shattered, misused
[?] cage, tryna be a circle in a world full of squares
Used to havе tears, but through all the years
You lеarned how to hide it, learned to disguise it
Fake makeup and applied it, yeah
Now she turn to the cliff, couldn't find love, so she tried to find a buzz
Fell into drugs, maybe not far, maybe that was too hard
It was more like a try it before you buy it
First you would've hide it, only pop a pill on the weekend
Body freakin', hardly even eatin', Bicardi, mix the shit even
Fell into a habit, now she really need it
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, did it without thinkin'
Cocaine, breathing, gave me that meaning
Didn't need a reason, now she need the needle, damn
Tell me what's the plan when you runnin' from the pain
Don't know where to start, you just want to know the end
On the one-way road, like here we go again, damn
[Verse 2]
She got that purple, spin it, swirl it, rock it real slow
She wonder where them feels go
She's so high, she feels low, alone up in the real world
Used to have friends, but they all gave up
Had a fight with her mom and she never made up
Still [?] her purse so she can get way buzzed
Never meant to take sups, this is what the bass does
Alone in an alley tryna shoot her way up
No doubt, can't make that wage, you know her brain, it ain't been pain
She cryin' as she claim in vain, she wonder when this lane will end
Swervish line, let me curve, comatose
Body shakin' from the overdose, like oh no

[Verse 3]
Wonder if this is the end, wonder if this where she's end
As the world spins, whirlwind, her girlfriends she'll never see again
It all turns dark, she hits that bin, it's just a blur, breath getting worse
No pain, no hurt, she starts to fade away, but wait
Just in a moment, a man walks by with a halo, he looks in her eyes, says
"Don't you die, stop getting by, start asking why it starts tonight
And take control back of your life, this is your chance, don't let it slip
Here, take my hand, come get a grip, this isn't ripped, this is a new you"

So spread your wings
[Verse 4]
She wakes up to an I.V. drip, nurse looks at her
"Thank God, you didn't quit, we thought you a goner
Thought that was it, you flatlined, and we lost a sign
But then when we thought that it was time
You went and came back like a second life
No, don't you move, just sit right there
Your parents are just over here, your friends are near
No need to fear, you overdosed, but now you're clear
Do you remember how you made it here?
Well, nevermind, you'll be just fine
We can go over that some other time
Look, [?] been [?]
Enjoy your stay, enjoy the setting
And let me say, 'Welcome to Heaven'"


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Record Label(s): 2020 569892 Records DK
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