Y'all Ain't No Killaz
Kingpin Skinny Pimp


Y'all Ain't No Killaz Lyrics (feat. Gangsta Blac & Lord Infamous)

Y'all niggas ain't no killas
Y'all niggas some hoes

[Verse 1: Kingpin Skinny Pimp]
Subtracting you haters one by one, deep is how we f*ckin' come
Rat-tat-tat-tat, b-izz-ag full of teflons
Peepin' through my mask, I'm leavin' my eyebrows down
It ain't no love in my facial expressions, murder frowns when it touch
The nigga that's feelin' that pain, we takin' that gravy
Big Kill creepin' with the Mac-90s, shoot fourty double clip eighty
You better be cautious or play yo cards right
Cause when I be cappin' I be bustin' with that HK four to the seven
Too many hoes like to floss, too many niggas like to cross
Tryna come up with no dues, but you swear you takin' the loss
I don't f*ck with ya kind, I'm claimin' the O to the G
And if you niggas looking for me I'm strapped for poppin' up on yo damn street
Now don't start duckin' when my heat release this bullet destruction
Lyin' and cryin' won't help you bitch, Skinny still pimpin', me still bustin'
Look at you now, you piece of shit dead where you can't swim
"f*ck you!" is my last words where killaz claimin' they end

Y'all niggas ain't no killas
Y'all niggas some hoes

[Verse 2: Gangsta Blac]
What you gotta sizzay? Come and plizzay with the gangsta nigga
Bet yo bottom dollar, make you holler for this memphis nigga
Left to right, locked down tight, hype from some hustable
Tooty-fruity-rooty got my body so damn comfortable
Ballin' through the club, watch me jook, hit the f*ckin' doe
All I feel is anna plus them thugs game to whoop a hoe
Strapped like Jeffrey, Jesse James, take it to the western days
Niggas better act they f*ckin' age fore they get erased
Claim to be a killer trick, say you first to shoot some shit
Skinny go kill that anna for Tony Montana, mane let's go kill a bitch
Jump into the Lexus, see what's next, us flex this f*ckin' trick
Slam on down suburban to the curb and all us in this shit
Slammin' OZ with Little G, pimpin' ass Roc and Tay
Mess you up like Urkel and kick circle, Gangsta shoot for straight
Never claim the killa role, but I pack that .380
Nervous for my life, I kill you twice, you ain't no killa hoe, nigga!
Y'all niggas ain't no killas
Y'all niggas some hoes

[Verse 3: Lord Infamous]
Elimination that means me clips beat the ultimate, the twitchy gaze
Split kick breakin' 'em down, microscopic of Triple Six
Horror side time, terrify
Bunches are rotten up under ground to keep the soil fertilized
Go to sleep, close your eyes, "die!" my battle cry
Infamous is not too kind so therefore I won't let you slide during the bloody rite
Oh my, me sharpened up my knives
Chop you into bits, drop you into them pits
To be devoured by beast in the last of the mystic bitch
And you will feel pain that no one can imagine
Chained to be tamed by the flames of the dragon
I am Lord Infamous, death is my method
Thee evil seed, universally wretched
Those of mortal flesh have been possessed
With all my corpse with my name carved deep in the chest
Nevertheless eternally rest, bloody mess
The devil nigga know it make you quiver
You failed to squeeze the trigger
I think you ain't no killa nigga

Y'all niggas ain't no killas
Y'all niggas some hoes

[Verse 4: Kingpin Skinny Pimp]
This is for you backstabbin bitches that be callin' me straight
You got a bank and a nigga like me ain't ate shit all day
But you's a jealous-hearted nigga that wanna see a playa fall
Now have you ever robbed, shot and killed somebody?
Nigga, hell no!
You need to think, have you ever said some about a:
Murderer, pimp, playa, that's causin' so much drama
When I blast, callin' yoself a killa, fake cap peeler, hide that bitch
(?), Turk and Skinny Pimp smokin' and strokin' that (?) trick
Murderer bombin' these bitches down terrorist-style when we creep on clowns
Layin' they ass down, found drowned by a lake in Funky Town
Never leave yo niggas back a ditch that Memphis bitch we thick
Gimisum Family, cause of the tragedy, dozens of playas that (?) shit
It ain't no squashin' in my heart, motherf*cker show some courage
Or get yo ass shot up like busta with a violent gust of wind from my nina roster ruger
Counterfeitin' high power cowards, y'all ain't no killa

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Songwriter(s): Kingpin Skinny Pimp, Gangsta Blac, Lord Infamous
Record Label(s): 1996 Prophet Entertainment
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