Mack Of The Year
Kingpin Skinny Pimp


Mack Of The Year Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Attention all pimps: we playas gotta get paid
And all you tricks with banks; you're gonna get played
Creep through the hood with the Glock under my frontseat
Gotta stray strapped for the streets of '93
Cause the hood ain't no joke
Too many brothers broke, too many brothers smoke
But it ain't funny, I gotta get my money
I got a baby brother still pimpin' on his mommy
You see, the bills gotta stay paid
And I ain't finna sell my butt, I'll sell my slut
Pimpin' don't talk to the end of the time
First you got to get control of the mind
And then you gotta put this on safe sex
Ey yo tricks, come and get yo p*ssy wet!
Nation wide, I took my women on a tour
They went platinum, see I'm the mack of the year

[Verse 2]
Real playas don't high-cap, cause real playas only pimp
Local playas got women, but they don't got no imp
I gotta get paid with the swiftness
See I started my life a little scandalous
I used to beat my broad, you ain't never handle yo woman
Like I did mine with a hammer, don't fall in love
No matter how much you love the slut, she can't be trust
You better start breakin' these women
Cause some of these women be cakin' ...
... I thought you knew
You see my broads they be robbin' these boys
With a .357 and it sound like toys
I gotta keep 'em fresh like some real tight Daisy Dukes
I gotta sell and bail from prostitutes
I gotta throw on the fire on smoke on some pure
Yeah, cause I'm the mack of the year

[Verse 3]
Now these women on my jock in the projects
But I'm (?) trust a groupie like that, I just see the vamp
Cause they don't wanna get up out they haul killin'
They be lookin' for a groupie game on the skinny pimpin'
See I'm poppin' ... I gotta g-izz-et (?)
My best friend is a robber, 211, just a AK
(?) real playas don't play
Broke hoes, broke nose, me want the (?)
I'm stackin' and packin' the money
By breakin' all my broads pockets
Knockin' boots, I'm makin' cheese
G's droppin' off the (?)
Playas real playas yea they givin' up the (?)
Don't think that I won't ask ya what ya do, what ya do-do?
In yo mouth, mane they love them Daisy Duke freaks
(?) with a (?) never (?) take a lick
But pay me, get me mine then I'm outta here
"You can have it all" cause I'm the mack of the year

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Songwriter(s): Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Record Label(s): 1996 Basix Music
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