Pimpin' And Hoin'
Kingpin Skinny Pimp


Pimpin' And Hoin' Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kingpin Skinny Pimp]
When times get hard you need somebody in your corner
To talk to and be there for you, now understand I want a
Woman with some sex, who can stay up on her work
It's so many women in this world
They so called man done left 'em hurt
All they crying day and night
Got her looking for the right man
Well some of these women they can't be trusted
Cause they'll f*ck yo friend
And then they punk-ass nigga won't even tell ya
If I f*cked on yo gal well I'mma tell ya like a playa, playa
And we can toast to that, smoke a quarter pound of dope
Never bring ya playa hatin' niggas around yo hoe
Cause you will never know who to trust
I trust no soul now that's a must
A difficult way for me to get f*cked up
A real woman she gonna tell ya if she's f*ckin' off
Cause she'll get paid or she'll leave a nigga jackin' off
That's why I keep a older bitch to keep myself alive
Every good pimp need a good bitch by his side

[Hook: Ann Hines] 4x
Pimpin' and hoin'
Is the best thing goin'
[Verse 2: Kingpin Skinny Pimp]
I love to make money
Meanin' I want a women that makes money
Just bring my motherf*ckin' bread hoe, ain't shit funny
Low-class niggas wanna chill and hit the p*ssy
And when she don't douch it he'll still probably lick the p*ssy
Cause that hoe got him hooked to live a different life
What he don't know: he got a hoe for a house wife
Most of his friends hangin', most of his friends got a life
But the hoe got his soul so he better have his game tight
But he's a young nigga and he can take it He caught the bitch naked with another nigga least suspected
They got the candles burnin', drinkin' on (?), smokin' on hay
But when the lights came on you should've saw his face
He was cryin' with the bitch
Then the bitch start cryin' with him
The dick was good so she quit him
Now be real to ya nigga cause them bitches doin' chewin', Blowin', goin' and real pimps be knowin'

[Hook: Ann Hines] 4x
Pimpin' and hoin'
Is the best thing goin'

[Verse 3: Kingpin Skinny Pimp]
Well I was at the astrodome watchin' Mary J. Blige
With them backstage passes, kickin' it with the North Side
I flew from the hobby airport to the M
-E-M-P-H-I-S, home of the pimps
I'm livin' out on a porch, shakin' dice all night
Mane I'm takin' a tour through graceland
Tryin' to cum up on Michael Jackson wife
A broke-ass hoe can't suck my dick
I'm takin' her money cause a hoe can't get me shit
I'm screamin' out knowledgeship, empty her pockets
This hoe finna break herself
... finna (?) 'em haters that dw-en-ell
In my district appreciatin' bullshit to talk about
A punishment in return, AK shells rotatin' in yo mouth
I'm a souuul taker, smokin' on some Lucifer
Shootin' you down, yellin' "Revolution!", I'm in danger
With anger, a stranger in my set
Slippin' on banana clips but my pimpin' won't let me slip
[Hook: Ann Hines] 4x
Pimpin' and hoin'
Is the best thing goin'

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Songwriter(s): Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Record Label(s): 1996 Prophet Entertainment
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