Don't Test Me
Kingpin Skinny Pimp


Don't Test Me Lyrics

[Verse 1]
It ain't no love for them bitches, it ain't no love to gangs
Steppin' on top pimpin', I'm never slippin'
I'm just controllin' your brain
I gotta make my cheese, got bosses
Stealin' killin' at will real for the hustlers
See the life I live, caps must be peeled
Cause the streets is filled with bustas
I'm runnin' the lap wit the gat in my lap, cuz there's money to makin' these bitches are breakin'
The niggas they dyin' before they get grown
Where half the time, these bullets will take they dome
So I sleep with the chrome, When I'm in that zone
Or fry that light green, big blunts be blown
We livin' up in a big mansion diggin' on bitches as my condom caught the nut, I use two, cuz we f*ckin' on some p*ssy ho
Cal. I brought, but I got it on safety
I'm 'bout to watch out for these bitches
Cause they quick to put a click, bitch can't fade this
Skinny Pimp my name, We stick up
We serving up bitches on your curb, we hurting, murdering bitches that cross out the family hoe ain't nothing changed
This course is out for them hoes that wanna run the track
Summarize this (?) bitch and recognize a real mack

[Hook] 2x
I'm true to the shit that I speak, Don't test me
I sweep the ground from your feet I don't trust me
f*ck a straitjacket them fools put me in a straittrench
A psycho at large I'm not from Earth I'm from Mars bitch
[Verse 2]
Players what you hitting for, I'm cocking my pistol
They hits the floor
Don't look at me trick cuz I take your life
I'm steady tryin' to make that cash flow
Now gimme the dope then I run out the door
Headin' to my hoopie thang
I'm close to the liquor store, im fiending for tanqueray
So I falls in mane
Cameras takin' my mugshots
Im cocking my Glock, then I point it, it pops
Tanqueray, Alize, Hennessy, pressing it quick
Before they ass drop
Skinny Pimp in the trench coat baldheaded with a leather hat pimpin' n robbin' I might wanna jet then went to the hideout switchin' my gats
Smokin' a sack to the bong, body numb from the fry stick
I swang n bang thru the projects checkin' my trap
My stable just breaking them tricks
Poppin' these cones with the crooked thangs
Counterfeit money boy takin' your yay
Robbin his funny, I'll spare your life
Robbin' is funny, But I still pray
Them fools talkin' 'bout they go touch me
They can't touch me, I must touch them first
Attach a bomb under the muffler, BOOM!
They family finna be rolling in a hearse
They can't see me like three, time up
Things like that, gotta roll wit the mafia
Bullets lead, better duck, got life f*cked up, I'm so serious
I'm true to the shit that I spit Don't test me
I sweep the ground From your feet I don't trust me
f*ck a straight jacket them fools put me in a straight trench
A psycho at large I'm not from earth I'm from mars bitch

[Verse 3]
You see I'm comin' out with this pimpin' shit to
Keep you niggas hip
The pimpin' never dies haters got me loading a clip
Better yet, I gotta watch my back
Cuz some of these niggas jackin'
I make that paper
But now I prepared for a sucker
That start with the .45 bodyshaker
Tossing up your block with the Glock
They gon face satan, cus I don't care
North Memphis, once I heard them echoes
Throw your sets in da air
Here we go with the thrust it's a must when we bust to f*ck you up
Bitch fall up off of us, buckshot shells they spread on his face,fall on his back, his eyes was open, he dying, he crying, he tryna survive. I'm buckin n dumpin' the gauge, the scope, I'm chunkin that bitch
Ain't no evidence leavin' no fingerprints
I got birds in my trunk, if you whoop me, I ain't worried shitt
I chief to release pimpin in so many forms
Pimpin' gotta get about my hustlin' day by day them wraps, I'm smokin' one
I been woke since the day before yesterday
Ho don't make me mad
Bitch you're p*ssy funky' uh uh you better have some cash
I'm true to the shit that I spit Don't test me
I sweep the ground From your feet I don't trust me
f*ck a straight jacket them fools put me in a straight trench
A psycho at large I'm not from earth I'm from mars bitch

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Songwriter(s): Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Record Label(s): 1996 Prophet Entertainment
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