Nobody Crosses Me
Kingpin Skinny Pimp


Nobody Crosses Me Lyrics

[Intro: Skit from the movie "Scarface"]

[Verse 1]
Any nigga wanna test my nuts must prepare to die
Bullets they pop, suckers they drop
My sunroof cracked for the drive-by
Notice that I'm King of Kings when you nail me to that stick
Whether I die or whether I live still killers they squashin' shit
Set slippin' is how you come, I been project boy too long
I representing O to the G, dedicated to the streets, splittin' domes
When I blast on yo ass I must empty my clip
Screamin' out "die motherf*cker"
Point blank range then he hit that dip
I'm thinkin' of homicide then suicide
I'm livin' a hard life with gigantic thuggish thoughts
Let me tell you what my hood is like
Murderer, burglar, robbers niggas they hangin' and bangin' and swangin' and flamin' them AK's and hay
When niggas be slippin' we be gankin', maintainin' on that pay Cause you gon' be down when you be down
If you stab me in my back
You either gon' swim you either gon' drown
I'm serious mane, when the doors get kicked down
Nobody can duck
"What about his mother and kids?" nigga I don't give a f*ck!

[Hook: Scratches from the song Scarface]
[Verse 2]
I'm thinkin' of plans, I'm thinkin' of plans, I'm thinkin' of plots
I got some rocks, a sub-zero mask, two clips and a Glock
Ain't gon' tolerate no hatred from you monkey-ass clowns
Smilin' and frontin' and back stabbin', I'mma lay yo busta ass down
Now stop cryin' son of a bitch, I ain't shot ya yet
My automatic *ri-zat-ti-zat-* and left his baby nuts wet
I'm thinkin' of another smooth plan, see me and this hoe set up a plot
She been f*ckin' this nigga for life, three months that love gon get 'em back
You better listen because this bitch they act the same all over the world
Game is played for the paper, never free
Now she's walkin' down the stairs
I'm on the phone, she claimin' this nigga snorin too loud
It's time to make my move
To da crank my bucket and head to the closet, fool she knock him out
I'm in the back yard, jumpin' over bushes, jumpin' on the porch, the door unlocked
I sneaked through the living room, crawlin' up the steps - I think I'm at the stash spot
The dope was missin', a bitch start screamin, a nigga was never asleep
I'm bustin' at they ass, where da dope? Nobody crosses me

[Verse 3]
See I ain't no fake pimp bitch, I got hoes on the track
Women dancin' in the shake junt
Sendin' my money through western union
I done usin' so many phones, my knuckles rusty
I'm breakin' and shakin' the cryptic crowds
They swear to God I'm lucky
I heard that cocaine was the biggest pimp around town
Since '76 the game been kind of a switched around
It's more motherf*ckin' hoes on the track
These junkies be sellin' they p*ssy
These niggas they sellin' that crack
So what, these bitches wanna bring daddy the cash
That it just set it to the stack
Cause I ain't dependent on yo broke ass
Many pimps, they die, they lookin' half dead
Cause they can't shoot the right game to the bitch heads
Tr-izz-ick a b-izz-itch will br-izz-eak a b-izz-itch
Well izz-am the p-izzn-imp well izz-I get r-izzn-ich
Playa haters, mack invaders, roadie fakers penetrate
Hatred from they f*ckin' heart, nina shots will illustrate
Suckers in a casket, talkin' about the Skinny Pimp
? got me lookin' for it
Cross and I'mma leave yo chest damp
Look at that .45 put to yo face
Motherf*cker I ain't scared to catch a case
Gobber, mobber chrome thang
Im f*ck you off in no trace like fake
[Verse 4]
We livin' up in the days where the killers don't give a f*ck
We dumpin' a hollow in yo skull, Memphis niggas tooo buck
I'm from the side where the killers like to start a riot
f*ck you up cause you can't duck, I'm advertisin' homicides
Ain't no clan thicker than my clan
See I got a gang in different states ... gotta come with evil plans
To take you out this gutter I do too, you knew too
This street mentality bitch-ah, I dare you
To come into my hood flippin' with no f*ckin' scrap
You slippin' into a drive-by, I'm hittin' that water
You takin' eternal naps
Shoot 'em down, shoot you down with my .45 G-L-O-C
Mean I with this mask to my face
The bounty hunters cannot stop a fugitive on the run
Lookin' suspicious, runnin' from choppers
Drinkin' straight Vodka, keepin' my mobber
Hangin' with Triple Six, Gimisum robbers
Imma let my heat cause destruction I ain't cappin'
Boom-boom-boom! No duckin' I'm doin' a 1-8-7 biatch

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Songwriter(s): Kingpin Skinny Pimp
Record Label(s): 1996 Prophet Entertainment
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