Leanin Lyrics

[Chorus: Illmaculate & OnlyOne]
Let me a 16, and this ain't rap, this lean
Sometimes it's red, sometime's it's purple, sometimes it's green [x2]
I'm leanin [x5]
Sometimes it's red, sometime's it's purple, sometimes it's green [x2]

[Verse 1: Illmaculate]
Fresh off a body, west where you'll find me
Success in front of me, death ten steps behind me
I step in the lobby, I'm smelling like broccoli
Money in front of me, debt ten steps behind me
Contradiction, walking lifted
High on downers on prescription
Double cup no double fisting
Triple threat I double digits
Run the beat, run the business
Single handed, double dipping
Triple check my double vision
Singles worth a couple million
I'm on some I destroy that's how I build shit
Not trying to build with everybody in the building
I'm on the bill with
I'm on some ill shit, not some pop the steel shit
I'm some pop the seal that got me [?]
Sometimes it's red, sometime's it's purple, sometimes it's green
That's what I bled, packs of the purple, money machine
I'm talking red, I'm talking herbals, I'm talking lean
That's what I spend, that's what I burn through, that's what I drink


[Verse 2: OnlyOne]
Sometimes it's red, sometimes it's purple, sometimes it's green
The hair's red, sometime's it's purple, sometimes it's green
Sometimes it's liquor, sometimes it's purple, sometimes it's lean
I feel like real life permanently a dream
Sometimes for bread, someone gets murdered, someone gets leaned
Here come the lead, here come the burner, here come the ring
Here come the feds, here come the verdict, here come the fing
Bet I get ten, bet I could serve it, it's not a thing
High times, my mind always stuck in the clouds
I'm higher than ever, I'll never be coming down
Round and round like a merry-go-f*cking-round
You can turn the stereo down, instead of mary jane [?] loud
Round after round, we mix the cherry coke with the brown
Pound after pound, a hundred thou' buried under the ground
Hour after hour, Chase mixing Stereo sound
Ounce after ounce, cherry till the cherry go out


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Songwriter(s): Illmac, OnlyOne
Record Label(s): 2015 Greg Poe
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