Flowers At A Funeral
Illmaculate & Onlyone
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Flowers At A Funeral Lyrics

[Verse 1: OnlyOne]
When you lie and I lie back, it's a tied knot
Why not lie back in a pine box?
It's beautiful like lilacs in a dry pot
A white flag on a hijacked high price yacht
The polar ice caps when the sunlight's hot
And you can't find land ‘cause there isn't dry spots
Slaying giants like Goliath when you slanging white rock
Medusa kisses, turn to stone from the python
Seducing women, I'm just getting stoned off of my bong
The fuse is lit, defuse the switches
And decode the time bomb; superstitious
Remove the suture stitches and the white gauze
New religion got you losing vision like a Cyclops
Revolutionists is Confucianism when I talk
You would just confuse it with the pugilist ‘cause I fought
I go hard in the paint till I rub the shine off
If you feeling shined on then go and get your shine box
Lose the donorship and keep your organs in an ice box
Robbing you implies ownership and this is mine, dog
Fortune full in Shylock when it comes to my guap
Trying to cross the line, just show me where the line stops
And it's beautiful like my mom
My wife, living long lives after I'm gone
Sleep's cousin, I could go next: lights off
My whole bed a Rolex, ‘cause I sleep on my watch
And you keep telling me it's beautiful—and it is
‘Cause it's filled with conflict that your jeweler moves
I'm chewing up bubble gum rappers with my bazooka-tooth
Hootie-hoo, American Jim-Buoy, Nukem Duke
She's beautiful, watch her play you like a new kazoo
Life is nice but hard like yet strong like a spruce canoe
Beautiful: like your picture when I Google you
Do some things I don't usually do ‘cause of Newton's rule
You Houdini, but you can't get out a hula-hoop
Chicken noodle soup, I'm going coo-coo in the rooster coup
I got Juice, I'm on my pupil's too
REM when my pupils move
And perceptive dreams that are lucid too
You thought it takes some getting used to you
I can't tell who is who
‘Cause on Earth almost every human's cruel
And you keep telling me it's beautiful
And it is: like the flowers at a funeral

[Verse 2: Illmaculate]
Yeah. Keep telling me it's beautiful
And it is: like the flowers at a funeral
Broken backs most supply the power to a few of you
Who then in turn naturally devour what's consumable
Ain't a valid excuse for half the shit humans do
Your feet are growing roots that get planted in this cubicle
My eyes record it like the cameras at a movie shoot
A tragic comedy, it so happens that the movie's you
You keep telling me it's beautiful
And it is: like the flowers at a funeral
She flew the coup and threw me for a loop like producer's do
I'm making new shit in the studio, how suitable!
I'm spewing through this mic, been delusional
Thinking you're a muse, while you're amused
What am I, amusing you?
I should've knew it sooner
I've been jumping through your hoops of fire
Trying to find the first time my mind was through the roof
You're doing you, that's fine
I'm moving too; what time will do
Life is fluid, we in too deep trying to scuba through
Reminders of what time can do to wounds
Say it heals, what's confusing: time is on my heels
Like the newest shoes
School of hard thought, it threw me jewels
Did dirt, planted seeds
Even manure's used where the tulips bloom
Which reminds me of the bullshit I maneuver through
Feeding line wishing peace of mind to the future you
You, keep telling me it's beautiful
And it is: like the flowers at a funeral
I'm playing with this Rubik's cube, seeking peace of mind
Leads to finding a piece of mind to make improvements to
So I use this broom, clean my closet, while they cruising through life with the mantra: What would Judas do?
That's when I learned love ain't a captain scuba crews
There's a putrid ooze on the arrow tip that Cupid shoots

You, keep telling me that it's beautiful... Uh huh. Yeah. (x3)
Keep telling me it's beautiful
And it is: like the flowers at a funeral

You ever know someone that lose their life though? (x3)
This is for you, this is my suicide note. (x3)

[Verse 3: OnlyOne]
There's people that I still want to see, I like it here
You ever wake up every day and wonder why you're here?
Cry a tear and punch a spider web inside a mirror
It's like I hear a voice inside my ear
And it's telling me to kill someone
You ever feel too much, now you don't feel nothin'?
You got your heart broke by someone you gave it to?
You played yourself and they was playing you?
You ever hit someone for what they say to you?
Ever admit you were wrong for a mistake or two?
Ever feel like giving it up?
Ever feel like you give it your all, but it isn't enough?
You ever waste time and you start to hate yourself?
Feel like an alien, so you alienate yourself?
You ever miss the signs ‘cause they was hard to see?
Ever feel like you was panicking and it was hard to breathe?
Ever think about drinking all the Johnny Walker?
Ever see the water and think about sinking to the bottom?
You ever wonder what it's all for?
Ever feel like the world's problems are all yours?
You ever feel like someone else's problems aren't yours?
You ever go somewhere
And come back different, like the Vietnam war?
This is for you, this is my suicide note in lyric form
Signed OnlyOne, sincerely yours

You ever know someone that lose their life though? (x3)
This is for you, this is my suicide note. (x3)

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Songwriter(s): Illmac, OnlyOne
Record Label(s): 2015 Greg Poe
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