5 To 9, Pt. 2 Lyrics

Have u ever worked 9 to 5, like my 9 to 5?
It comes and it goes like it's a surprise!

You can't tell me what to do, I'mma rap and record my stuff on the very machine I intend to,
5 to 9 is my channel and I'mma reach for my goal like I've f**kin' been thru.
Busted coz I was a lover,
Made a mistake by giving my heart to you bitch,
I live underground as an undercover,
And in this playground I dance to the beat of the snare drum hitch.

I ain't gonna stop,
Gotta fiery will and I'm heading north.
Keep ya shit wid u,
Now no more interferences,
I play with the odds and deal with clearances.
"y" was the reason, I spent half my life in misery,
24 years of struggle and you still want to blame me.
Go check urself,
You can't run me down motherf**ka,
You're nothin' but a baby in the game and I'm the undercover!

March time coming and my door starts knocking,
What u gotta understand is that I cnt get rid of this flow so I start rockin'.
I got r's n my bank and a life that's merry, how fukd up is that coz earlier I didn't have the time for blueberries.
I hustle n make my way, u ain't at my level, u can grind to the sounds of these new beats n increase the decibels.
747 n m on the go, destined to ride with this bassline.
My only motivation is the eastern “4”.
Stars n hash, I got stuff that's cash!
Making a move, 5 at a time,
I got a bulletproof aim to follow, talk about the struggle for “9”.

Poker chips n I will go all in, no, not this time. no m not fallin'! coz m a
Hustler who struggled on the ghetto streets by crawlin'. Double up n make that large, I deserve this drug after all the sabotage.
Legit as it is, I couldn't get by 9 to 5, I guess they call it a life cycle and that's why my life is reserved for 5 to 9.
Back in the game,
Come into my shoes and you'll know what's pain,
I ride for the moment,
That's why I'm in the fast lane.
13 years with pain, and the misery didn't end,
I came up with raps, and brought hip hop with a new blend.
Trap like I do it, this is for the music,
Give me a snare drum sound and I can make it music.
You mess with me, that's where you're wrong,
I'm king of the G's standing with the crown.
This is for the moment, and I'm goin' for it,
I was in school, that's why I wrote this,
I was in first grade and that's when the torture started,
The bottom line is they made me feel I had no motive.
I'm skiing in the fast lane,
No one can stop me,
I wanted the drugs and you crossed the f**kin' periphery.
I worked 9 to 5 and I got beated,
No appreciation look who got got defeated.

Now you are writing countdown, I'm writing bars,
My cousin got robbed that day, now that shit is ours.
It's not abt my rhyme, n it's not the end of my life,
U disrupted the circle's core, now nthng can stop me from 5-9.

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