Crawling For Love Lyrics

U dunt knw my story, u dnt know who I rlly am, what I can do and what I can plan... so stay away, the streets r not yet
Seen, as these r the places, every season I've been. I know what they say, as I've been thru the darkness that arose, underground clubs and I can
Smell it frm my nose. I've been to places, where you've not been, I know those hidden secrets which you've not seen. I'm crawling
For love and this is the life, places wid music, drugs, and white light. I stand for who I am, and I know what
I can do, u cnt touch me baby, m far beyond the roof, even if ur at my level, destiny will only make me stronger, I live
Life in the fast way and not any longer,, haha! Who would have thought a guy with acrophobia would reach up so fast?
That's y I was meant to live life in the fast lane, live on the edge and hustle for cash. I got the passion for thrill, adventure and ecstasy,
This is the platform I live on, f**k the secrecy. God, love is something, every time I've valued, but now m a hustler and I will blow you.

You can drag, u can brag but that's not gonna change the fact that m a maniac.
I'm brought up this way and m not gonna follow those rules,
I'm a man heading above that altitude.
I'm far beyond the line,
Starting fresh, started new,
They call it a hard life,
But I'm on the other side of the fumes.

Our lives are at the line,
N now I wanna shine.
Do what you want but this is my time.
Feel the rhythm in d air on a cool rainy day,
f**k the braggers, it's my turn to say.
Not just saying, m also staying,
If this is the game u wanna play,
I can make sure I relay.

Now hear this, u ain't tellin' me what to do,
U r a looser motherf**ker, and
I'm the ruler of this mystery blue.
If it makes u freak,
M on the other side helping u not to leak.
Try runin' me down, I'm so high as I fly round n round.
I'm working underground, where there is a special breeze,
I'm crawling for love, don't think it can be ceased.

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