Struggle Lyrics

Where r the days when we studied part time and made a spree to flatter?
Now no more f**king traps, I'm here ready to roll, waiting for the latter.
Nights are disturbed, thoughts r stoned! Living my life is like living in a garden of fresh 'herbs',
That are yet to be owned!
I walk with my own shadows, nothing close to me, I wake up to the sounds of the sparrows, this is the moment I've been waiting for patiently. The
Moment is insane when you got nobody to feel your pain. A journey I've been taking since I was 5, we live in a hood where we all gotta strive. Here's
One, a confession I need to make, it's for u m doing this, for the real time sake, people knocking me, forty four thugs messing with me, but this is a
Hood life and the master seems to be callin' me.
Breathing thru the pain, I was on a break, now I feel d same coz my power levels have risen just like the stakes.

Destined to swallow, I got the instincts for tomorrow...
I had dreams of insanity, nightmares to it's core, that's y I'm fighting at rap battles, craving for more. Marking dead ends on my way,
It was really f**ked up, yet I had to stay.
Don't give up coz you're worthy to win it,
Everything comes around you, when you have the power to make it.
Life ain't short, you just live it up too fast,
Ease the rate, feel the vibe of the melody, try some grass.
I live life the fast speed,
Let's see where this goes,
I didn't get any love in my life
And yet u say u don't know.
I had a dream I would make it big and stunning, tryna get the stage right, for all that I'm running, I never thought I'll loose my pride,
It happened so fast that I just lost it, felt like it was gone once and for all, never thought this is how I'd fall. But then again, I'm
Gonna get up and have the same mindset, I put my life on the line, now my path is set.

Mum and dad won't know what it's like,
I came up in this city, craving for the light,
It goes for all others as well,
All other things r hard to tell.
Rockstars and street artists have a fling for life,
I'm just another lover who wants to view that sight.
U don't know the torture on the streets,
A millionaire rapper like me raps about it with a hip hop beat.
Just imagine what the goodness of life is,
U'll do anything for it, coz u just can't resist it.
This is me, I've been so special,
Not a day passed when I've not been tortured.
Writing bars all night, it couldn't be any better, I got my own class of breed, there flies the bird, and there drops a
Feather. Growing up with guilt and stress, I've struggled thru this one, but it comes with a gift, this one's success.
Rap battles and underground music, I came from the toughness of life, let's come to it. Cum close to me, I'll show you my underground breed,
Experience the music, the sound of the snare drum and what's the secret of my recipe.
Rap music, 50 million, go ahead and say it,
Coz it's now or never, and that's why destiny doesn't want to delay it.
All this while, I've been looking for a place called home,
Couldn't find peace, so had to get stoned.
The position's right, now I can be uptight,
It's 2014 and now m in a prime position,
f**k that homie, coz m coming out frm d prison.
187, I don't need to study that book,
I ain't a rapper with a felony,
I'm a rapper chasing the d's for the struggle I took.

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