Vintage Lyrics

A freak whose love and life is music, I cnt live widout it.
Born with compassion, m living coz of my passion.
One in ten is an honest man, well that's whu I am,..
I'm a traveller, an xplorer and a unique mystery man.
Wanna know me better,
M connected to nature!
While u survive on food, I survived on booze.

Got ecstasy in my mission,
I'm sure it's my mission.
I'm gonna harness the power of freedom,
To win over the kingdom.

BOOM, we pass with a flash,
That's it, feel the vibrations and the extravagance of hash!
Well that's about me,
M a cool and a chilled out man sittin' beneath a herbal tree.!!

I saw the worst at work, and the best in me,
Nothing could be stranger, coz that felt like extcy.
For once, that was so scary,
Well now I am who I am, and that's about me.

It's not what I do wrong,
It's what I sing through this song,
If there's a hustle on my way,
I smell it like from the nose of a blood hound.
I know I got the recipe,
That's y I try to bring out the best in me,
I am who I am, so better not mess wid me,
Coz when u sleep, I work on the mysteries,
Like a firefly who shines,
Sorry, that's not your life, it's mine.
I got two ways to live my life,
So just try to picture this sight.
A struggler, struggling to fight,
So that he sees the sun after the darkest nights.
Oh boy u dunt knw these fireflies,
Well I happen to be one and I be one to happen,
To feel the moment when ppl arnd me r clappin'.

I live in the fast lane of life, overcoming the lags and making my track.
Feel the rush in the air and break the bricks in your glare.
My rap is underground and you'll know it with the sound of the snare, yeah.
I'm faster than a 747 and I fly so high,
No acrophobia this time coz it's my turn to provide.
I've come stronger this time, as it is, I slogged for this price.
It's us I blvd in, higher than the surface of a ceiling.
We dunt need a camouflage,
I roll the dice, that's who we r.
Making a move one at a time, I lived in a hood that's hard to define.
I see 'em dancing, while I'm miles away and I'm shinin'.
I see the drug addicts enjoying with stamina, but m a f**kin' rapper in this arena.
Sleepless nights, next day fights, and they wont stop thugging unless they got the best drug price,
My memories r wid me, and I wnt cherish,
Coz I've faced it all and now u hear it.
School to home, I know I used to get f**kd up by noon,
Then soon I digested the unimagined to see a hustler shining under the moon.
Camouflage degrades, what's the point to crawl n fake?
I have been to hell so I know, just for those sprawling rates. Yeah,
U roll in shinin' cars while I've been rolled over with flashy scars,
It's just the beginning of my story,
Now watch me in the fast lane hustle to glory!
Hustle to glory.

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