Another Round On The House Lyrics

Yeah Brooklyn
I'm in the booth doin' my Joell Ortiz dance
Ah, ah, ah

[Verse 1: Crooked I]
Ever since I started hanging with Slim Shady, it's making the pigs hate me
They racist as Dick Cheney; scared to shake my hand and like maybe they get rabies
They're angry this shits crazy
So I'm f*cking their hoes, their ladies get mixed babies
I live mainly like a role in a script
Written for somebody who holdin' his dick
That mean I never let a bitch play me, ay me?
I'm off beat, stop it Young Buck
You're not hip to the flow fallin' in awkward pockets
Like the small one in top hip dumbf*ck
Teach your class while the speakers blast
New niggas out there eatin' ass; bottoms up like they're drinkin' glass
Sinkin' fast, not on no battleship
I'm not on no battle shit
I'm the king of spazz, ripping beats in half
The backroom to the cypher, nigga you name it
For Funk Flex, to weight scale, nigga you name it
Hey you bitch niggas givin' me hell
Your body lean, when the shotty ring
Like freedom and crack, you're like the Liberty Bell
A 180 spin then he fell
I'm givin' my enemies L's
No disrespect, but I send them to where the Kennedy's dwell
Sick as a Young Ozzy, Osbourne
I's born to be a kamikaze, that's airborne
Pop You like Asti Spumante
Body meet the concrete then I creep, then cock beat your auntie in rare form
Lames I never care for 'em
I'm callin' shots from a lawn chair with a air horn
Goin' hard on them hoes
If I sock-her it's part of my goals, call it carnival closed
You've been fair warned
I even put a 187 on your spouse
Like she got aids/sperm on her mouth
That's on the house! [Verse 2: Demetrius Capone]
Coming unannounced like Kris Kringle, on ya house
Sick as shingles, speaking of shingles, that's on the house
I do misdeeds, nah you missed it, I said deed like I own the house
Then skeet in ya woman mouth, get pre-cum in her eye and call that a preview
After your woman see me cumming, she come and see you
I'm out-thinking you without thinking
It's like I failed to signal cause I get over on you without blinking
Who want it with me? You son of a bitches can come and get me
Just put a 150 bucks on your head, cause you're nothing really
Then I'm finna f*ck your philly, all of a sudden she wanna win me
Over, couldn't win me, if she won an Emmy
Told her she's one of many, niggas know this thug is really pimping like Bun and Pimp C
Big like Pun and Biggie
I got a bitch that got a bitch, you mad as shit
You actin' like a female, dawg, ain't that a bitch?
I'm robbin' the one percent, robbing Republicans
I leave the tea party bare and call that Koala tea time
See I'm, fly as a mothership
We 2 flies on opposite lumps of shit
That mean you not the same fly as me, I'm on some other shit
I'm a dick that's uncut, I come from the hood
Me and the COB father, Crook, is the new Pac and Suge
I don't want shit for Christmas, nigga nah, I'm good
Only thing on my wishlist, is y'all niggas would
I'll be there when you fall, pimpin' my fire runs caught y'all slippin'
The law finna be callin' all cars
Aww shit, cuz the COB trippin', I ball with All Stars
I'm Jason and y'all just lost in the woods
This what you get when you mix the Slaughterhouse crew with the Shoe Gang, you can call us all a House Shoe

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